Download All APOSTLE UCHE ANYANWU Messages MP3

Download All APOSTLE UCHE ANYANWU Messages MP3 2
Apostle Uche Anyanwu is a fiery preacher and teacher of God’s word who speaks in crusades and conferences and Seminars. For over 2 Decades He has championed communal and personal revival of the move of the SPIRIT as of old especially among young people and churches. He is committed to establishing the kingdom of God in both reached and unreached Nations through the Gospel of the kingdom. Also committed to raising uncompromising leaders and creating the consciousness of the person of the Holy Spirit in the life of believers through sound biblical teaching. He is the president of Elders summit international, a Gospel mission organization that equips and sends Christian missionaries across the globe. He is father to many sons and daughters in ministry. He is also the lead Minister of Mahanaim Int’l Gospel Center, Ekwulobia, Anambra state, Nigeria.
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  1. A Certain Man  (35.5mb)
  2. According To Your Faith (31mb)
  3. Behold I Will Do A New Thing (42mb)
  4. Being Led By The Spirit (7mb)
  5. Casting Out Demons Part 1 (41.6mb)
  6. Casting Out Demons Part 2 (27mb)
  7. Casting Out Demons Part 3 (29mb)
  8. Casting Out Demons Part 5 (27mb)
  9. Casting Out Demons Part 6 (26mb)
  10. Casting Out Demons Part 7 (43mb)
  11. Casting Out Demons Part 8 (40mb)
  12. Casting Out Demons Part 9 (22mb)
  13. Casting Out Demons Part 10 (25mb)
  14. Casting Out Demons (Understanding Your Position) Part 4 (33mb)
  15. Closing Charge Prayer Rain 2018 (62mb)
  16. Delivering The Deliverers Part 1 (46mb)
  17. Delivering The Deliverers Part 2 (51mb)
  18. Delivering The Deliverers Part 3 (29mb)
  19. Demon On The Physical Appetite (40mb)
  20. Eagle (26mb)
  21. Get Dress (39mb)
  22. Holy Mothers (40mb)
  23. Holy Spirit And Your Spirit (48mb)
  24. Holy Spirit As A Wine (30mb)
  25. Holy Ghost The Answer Of God (78mb)
  26. How Demons Gains Access To Lives (19mb)
  27. How To Cast Out Devils Part 1 (38mb)
  28. How To Turn Your Weakness To Strength (43mb)
  29. Hunger For Righteousness (34mb)
  30. I am Your Own (4.5mb)
  31. In The Days Of His Power (42mb)
  32. Instructive Retreat Examine Yourself (38mb)
  33. Invitation For God’s Visitation (44mb)
  34. Koinonia Part 1 (42mb)
  35. Koinonia Part 2 (28mb)
  36. Koinonia Part 3 (29mb)
  37. Koinonia Part 4 (41mb)
  38. Koinonia Part 5 (42mb)
  39. Koinonia Part 6 (38mb)
  40. Koinonia Part 7 (42mb)
  41. Koinonia Part 8 (45mb)
  42. Koinonia School Of Ministry Graduation (62mb)
  43. Mount Of Wings As Eagles (43mb)
  44. Night Of Glory Part 1 (10.9mb)
  45. Night Of Glory Part 2 (11.4mb)
  46. Operation Of Demons In The Area Sex (63mb)
  47. Prayer Rain 2019 (13mb)
  48. Prayer Rain 2021 Opening Charge (61mb)
  49. Prayer Rain 2021 Joining With The Spirit  (41mb)
  50. Prayer Rain 2021 The Life Hangers (53mb)
  51. Prayer Rain 2021 The Spirit Speaketh Part 2 (34mb)
  52. Prayer Rain 2021 The Spirit Speaketh Part 1 (43mb)
  53. Prayer Rain Closing Charge (105mb)
  54. Prayer Session (18mb)
  55. Prayer Rain 2021 The Holy Spirit And Your Spirit Part 2 (41mb)
  56. Prayer Rain 2021 The Holy Spirit And Your Spirit (54mb)
  57. Recognizing The Holy Ghost (45mb)
  58. Righteous But Barren (30mb)
  59. Staying Power (48mb)
  60. Strangers Part 1 (30mb)
  61. Strangers Part 2 (28mb)
  62. Take Us Yonder (26mb)
  63. The Assignment (42mb)
  64. The Burning Lamp (27mb)
  65. The Constitution OF The Kingdom (29mb)
  66. The Eagle Part 2 (36mb)
  67. The Effect Of Light (56mb)
  68. The Encounter (42mb)
  69. The Head Garment (31mb)
  70. The Holy Spirit As A King (19mb)
  71. The Lord’s Bouquet (46mb)
  72. The Mightiness Of God (7mb)
  73. The Move Of The Holy Spirit (16mb)
  74. The Need For Open Heaven (26mb)
  75. The Need Of The Time  (46mb)
  76. The Role Of The Holy Ghost In Deliverance (45mb)
  77. The Running Army (22mb)
  78. The Spirit Of Truth Part 1 (35mb)
  79. The Spirit Of Truth Part 2 (30mb)
  80. The Spirit Of Truth Part 3 (41mb)
  81. The Spirit Of Truth Part 4 (41mb)
  82. The Spirit Of Truth Part 5 (30mb)
  83. The Spirit Of Truth Part 6 (43mb)
  84. The Spirit Of Truth Part 7 (52mb)
  85. The Streams Of Revival (16mb)
  86. The Urgent Man (34mb)
  87. The Weight Of His Glory (21mb)
  88. The Wiles Of The Devil (41mb)
  89. The Willing God (42mb)
  90. The Womb Of Sons (27mb)
  91. The Womb Of The Morning (28mb)
  92. The Holy Ghost As The Governor Of The Kingdom (62mb)
  93. The Will Of The Devil In Making Light God’s Word (12mb)
  94. Understanding Your Person (35mb)
  95. Understanding Your Possession (power) Part 1 (39mb)
  96. Understanding Your Possession Power Part 2 (23mb)
  97. What Causes Conception Part 1 (39mb)
  98. What Causes Conception Part 2 (28mb)
  99. What God Performed Through Christ (42mb)
  100. Who Touched Me Part 1 (50mb)
  101. Who Touched Me Part 2 (43mb)
  102. Why Delay That Miracle? (30mb)
  103. Why Many Do Not Hear God (23mb)
  104. Wiles Of The Devil (29mb)
  105. Worship In Tongues (20mb)
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