Download All Apostle Victor Peters Messages (Free MP3)

Download All Apostle Victor Peters Messages (Free MP3) 2

Apostle Victor Peters (aka Apostle of the supernatural) is an Apostle, teacher as well as a prophet with an uncommon grace to teach, heal, prophesy and demonstrate the supernatural power of God unreservedly.

His meetings are usually characterized with miracles, signs and wonders.(2corinthians 12:12). He also has a unique grace to bring youths into their greatness and deeper walk with the Lord.

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Would you like to listen to powerful teachings by the Man of God? We have lots of them for you! Just click on any of the below titles, the download will start immediately…

  1. A New Order of Worship (23mb)
  2. A Prophetic Prayer for You (11mb)
  3. Exam Prayer (1mb)
  4. Arise, Shine (7mb)
  5. Becoming a Spiritual Man Part 1 (23mb)
  6. Becoming a Spiritual Man Part 2 (25mb)
  7. Being Filled With the Spirit (7mb)
  8. Building Yourself in the Word (11mb)
  9. Can You Stand the Rain? (24mb)
  10. Changing Hopeless Situation Part 1 (26mb)
  11. Changing Hopeless Situation Part 2 (34mb)
  12. Changing Hopeless Situation Part 3 (22mb)
  13. Commanding Supernatural Exam Success (19mb)
  14. Doing the Word (23mb)
  15. Faith to Receive (17mb)
  16. Faith vs Faithfulness (18mb)
  17. Fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit (21mb)
  18. Following God’s Ways Part 1 (22mb)
  19. Following God’s Ways Part 2 (20mb)
  20. Following God’s Perfect Will Part 1 (20mb)
  21. Following God’s Ways Part 2 (24mb)
  22. Holy Spirit and Your Academics (28mb)
  23. How to Receive and Retain Your Healing (25mb)
  24. How to Receive from God (11mb)
  25. Man and His Soul (26mb)
  26. Meditating on the Word (21mb)
  27. Powerful Confessions (6mb)
  28. Recovering Your Destiny in God (25mb)
  29. The Blessings of the Lord (29mb)
  30. The Divine Nature (27mb)
  31. The Divine Union (22mb)
  32. The Flaming Christian (19mb)
  33. The Glory of the Human Spirit (24mb)
  34. The Good Fight Part 1 (19mb)
  35. The Good Fight Part 2 (28mb)
  36. The Power of Conviction (21mb)
  37. The Power of God (24mb)
  38. The Power of Meditation (24mb)
  39. The Power of Seeing Part 1 (27mb)
  40. The Power of Seeing Part 2 (21mb)
  41. The Sufferings and the Glories (21mb)
  42. Using the Word (27mb)
  43. We are Kings (18mb)
  44. Who You are in Christ (23mb)
  45. Why Young people Die (15mb)
  46. Wisdom for Life Part 1 (27mb)
  47. Wisdom for Life Part 2 (20mb)
  48. Wisdom for Life Part 3 (25mb)
  49. Wisdom for Life Part 4 (21mb)
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