Download All Evang Chuka Emmanuel Messages

Download All Evang Chuka Emmanuel Messages 2

Evang Chuka Emmanuel is a gospel minister and a music Minister as. He hails from Imo state ihitte uboma local government area Etiti Isinweke . He is the first child of Mr and Mrs Edmond Onyekachi the are five in number, he has also released his first album, and has some motivating spirit chants and sound for prayers. He is a talented keyboardist as well. Evan Chuka Emmanuel is a revivalist and a lover of the kingdom business an addict of the word of God. Click any of the below titles to start downloading His messages right now!!!

  1. Chant of the Spirit (2mb)
  2. Dwelling in the Secret Place (3mb)
  3. Chant of the Holy Ghost (2mb)
  4. Explosive Tongue of Holy Ghost (1mb)
  5. Storm of Distraction (700kb)
  6. Spirit Chant (3mb)
  7. By My Spirit (11mb)
  8. The Passionate Crowd and the Compassionate (7mb)
  9. The Victory Christ Has Given to us Over S3xual Temptations (10mb)
  10. Falling Down is not the End (1mb)
  11. Holy Ghost Chant (3mb)
  12. Music Chant (3mb)
  13. Pastor Emmanuel’s charge (11mb)
  14. Sacrificial Messiah (2mb)
  15. Spirit Chant (2mb)
  16. Spiritual Chant (1mb)
  17. Sword of the Spirit (2mb)
  18. The God of the Wilderness (7mb)
  19. Youth Day (15mb)
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