Download All Grace Fortress Church Messages with Pastor Chibuzor Chibuzo Eze

Download All Grace Fortress Church Messages with Pastor Chibuzor Chibuzo Eze 2

Pst Chibuzo Eze is an anointed minister of the gospel called to Preach and teach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with demonstrations of the Spirit and power of God. He is the Senior Pastor and Founder of Grace Fortress Church, a local assembly based in the North West region of Nigeria. He also doubles as an itinerant minister organising and teaching in various meetings across the country such meetings include School of the Spirit meetings and Spirit life Conferences which commenced since 2018 till date and has been hosted by various ministries and churches across the country. As a music minister he is the convener of a regular worship meeting tagged Healing Streams which has seen many drink from the river of the Spirit as he leads worship under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. He is married to Ayodele with whom he serves actively in the ministry. Their marriage is blessed with children to the glory of God.

  1. A Grateful Heart (13mb)
  2. All Grace (14mb)
  3. Leveraging Time as Resource for Impactful Living (27mb)
  4. Before You Go Into Marriage Relationship (30mb)
  5. Believers’ Authority (14mb)
  6. Break forth (34mb)
  7. Dimension of Grace Part 1(10mb)
  8. Dimension of Grace Part 3 (18mb)
  9. Discipline and Definition (10mb)
  10. Divine Favour Prophecy (4mb)
  11. Entering into the Rest of God Part 1 (16mb)
  12. Entering into the Rest of God Part 2 (6mb)
  13. Equipment of Kingdom Giants (16mb)
  14. Faith For Living (11mb)
  15. Giving Grace (16mb)
  16. God’s Help System (The Local Church) (19mb)
  17. Insisting on the Covenant 1 (13mb)
  18. Insisting on the Covenant 2 (16mb)
  19. Looking onto Jesus (14mb)
  20. Manifestations of the Spirit (21mb)
  21. Perfect Plan (48mb)
  22. Praising God into Your Peace (42mb)
  23. Prayer (13mb)
  24. Opening Charge Stair Up 2.0 (11mb)
  25. Purpose in Prayer (11mb)
  26. Purpose (20mb)
  27. Question and Answer (Will You Marry Me?) (7mb)
  28. Receiving the Help of God (12mb)
  29. School of the Spirit (22mb)
  30. School of the Spirit Day 1 (21mb)
  31. Setting the Stage for Growth (69mb)
  32. Soul Winning 1 (12mb)
  33. Soul Winning 2 (15mb)
  34. The Abundant Life (16mb)
  35. The Force of Generational Blessing (20mb)
  36. The Foundation for Perfect Peace (12mb)
  37. The Importance of Faith 1 (16mb)
  38. The Importance of Faith 2 (19mb)
  39. The Integrity and the Infallibility of God’s Word (11mb)
  40. The Power and Purpose of Divine Direction (13mb)
  41. The Purpose of Consecration 1 (14mb)
  42. The Purpose of Consecration 2 (16mb)
  43. The Purpose of Consecration 3 (19mb)
  44. The Presence, Power and Prophetic (16mb)
  45. The Prophecy, The Place and the Path of the Overflow (15mb)
  46. The Purpose of the Spirit Within (13mb)
  47. The Purpose of the Word (16mb)
  48. The Rise of Kingdom Giants 1 (14mb)
  49. The Rise of Kingdom Giants 3 (17mb)
  50. The Rise of Kingdom Giants 4 (15mb)
  51. The Rise of Kingdom Giants 5 (17mb)
  52. The Rise of Kingdom Giants 7 (12mb)
  53. The Word of His Grace (17mb)
  54. Two Pillars of God’s Rest (17mb)
  55. Understanding the God’s Rest 2 (15mb)
  56. Understanding the God’s Rest 3 (18mb)
  57. Will You Marry Me? (10mb)
  58. Wonders of the Blood (13mb)
  59. Your Supernatural Advantage (21mb)

2021 Messages

  1. Building Destiny Relationships (20mb)
  2. Chariots, Sons and a Promise (15mb)
  3. Focus (16mb)
  4. Focusing on your Spiritual Maturity (14mb)
  5. Joy in the Holy Ghost (13mb)
  6. Shouts of Joy (11mb)
  7. Spiritual Maturity (12mb)
  8. Thanksgiving and Communion Service (21mb)
  9. The Believer’s Advantage (16mb)
  10. The Purpose of Prayer (16mb)
  11. The Testimony of the Prophet (14mb)
  12. On Your Marks Part 1 (15mb)
  13. On Your Marks Part 2 (17mb)
  14. On Your Marks Part 3 (17mb)
  15. Night of Signs and Wonders (34mb)
  16. The Power of a Testimony (12mb)

2022 Messages

  1. The Word of the Lord (12mb)
  2. The Place of Prayer as a Platform for Experiencing Signs and Wonders (10mb)
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