FREE: Download All Pastor Daniel Ehinomen Egbodion Messages & Audio Sermons

FREE: Download All Pastor Daniel Ehinomen Egbodion Messages & Audio Sermons 2Pastor Daniel Ehinomen Egbodion is a seasoned minister of the Gospel. A preacher of righteousness and Holiness, his messages are rare and not for men pleasers but for the conviction of men to bring them to repentance, he is the founder of Life fulfilment Ministry Internation, with the vision of righteousness and prosperity, with the Headquarter in Abuja, FCT. He is an evangelist with the passion for saving men out of the bondage of sin and poverty.

He has been preaching for about three decades within and outside the shores of Nigeria. He is available for crusades, conferences and seminars.

  1. A Man with an Encounter (18mb)
  2. A More Sure Word of Prophecy (16mb)
  3. Activating the Covenant of Blessings (18mb)
  4. Be Not Weak in Faith (21mb)
  5. Be Ye Doers and Not Hearers Only (18mb)
  6. Believing in the Prophet that God Sent Your Way (15mb)
  7. Cancelling Evil Prophecies Against Your Life (16mb)
  8. Christ’s Method of Discipleship (22mb)
  9. Christianity and Discipleship (21mb)
  10. Deliverance by the Blood (18mb)
  11. Deliverance from Poverty (19mb)
  12. Deliverance from Witchcraft Manipulation (23mb)
  13. Determination to Prosper (22mb)
  14. Diligence in Discipleship (21mb)
  15. Dwelling and Abiding in God’s Love (22mb)
  16. Financial Healing in Your Marriage (16mb)
  17. Forgetting the Past (24mb)
  18. Grace for Promotion (20mb)
  19. Having an Attitude of Gratitude (19mb)
  20. Hindrances to Discipleship (20mb)
  21. In Search of Good Men Part 1 (21mb)
  22. In Search of Good Men Part 2 (21mb)
  23. It is More Blessed to Give than to Receive (21mb)
  24. Let Not the Grace of God Fail in Your Life (17mb)
  25. Living on the Offensive not the Defensive (20mb)
  26. Living the Abundant Lie (21mb)
  27. Living by the power of His Word Part 1 (23mb)
  28. Living by the Power of His Word Part 2 (19mb)
  29. Never You Forget the Goodness of God (17mb)
  30. Oh Lord Increase My Faith (20mb)
  31. Patience in Service (23mb)
  32. Possessing the Good Land of Scarcity (20mb)
  33. Preparing for Opportunities (20mb)
  34. Prospering in the Midst of Obstacles (21mb)
  35. Recreating your Year with your Tongue (22mb)
  36. Say Ye to the Righteous It Shall Be Well With You (19mb)
  37. Serving Your Way to the Top (20mb)
  38. Taking Risk in Life (14mb)
  39. The Birth of a Saviour (26mb)
  40. The Disciple and His Praying Life (18mb)
  41. The Merry Heart (17mb)
  42. The School of Financial Intelligence (19mb)
  43. The Testimony of His Presence (20mb)
  44. The Agreement Between Your Heart, Your Mouth and Your Hands (21mb)
  45. The Changes We Are Experiencing in the World (14mb)
  46. The Danger of hypocrisy in the Living Church (16mb)
  47. They That Sow in Tears (22mb)
  48. Thou Anointest My Head with Oil (22mb)
  49. Why We Must Be Rich (15mb)
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