Download All Pastor Jeffrey Joseph Audio Messages MP3

Download All Pastor Jeffrey Joseph Audio Messages MP3 4

Jeffrey Joseph Ayuka, also known as Jeffreyjay is a Nigerian, hails from Taraba state, Nigeria. He is a gospel preacher, singer, actor. He studied Statistics at the University of Calabar.

Are you willing to download Pastor Jeffrey Joseph Messages on your mobile phone or personal computer? We have lots of sermons by the minister of God. The title and file size of each audio mp3 are specified below. Click on any of the below titles and the download will start immediately:

  1. Can A Christian (1mb)
  2. Dont_share_your_dreams (1.1mb)
  3. How_to_kill_masturbation (6.5mb)
  4. Guarding Your Passion (3mb)
  5. Gift Of Repentance (2.3mb)
  6. Leadership (1.3mb)
  7. Conversion (1.3mb)
  8. Dont Let Anything (1.8mb)
  9. Music Secret (3.8mb)
  10. Guarding Your Passion (3mb)
  11. Humility.mp3 (3.3mb)
  12. Prophesy Battles (1mb)
  13. Why The Church (3mb)
  14. Attitude Of light (3.5mb)
  15. Attitude Of success (1.2mb)
  16. Forgivenesss (5.3mb)
  17. Forgivenesss (1.9mb)
  18. How To Serve a Spiritual Father (4.5mb)
  19. Plan You vision (1.3mb)
  20. Ship (2.3mb)
  21. The 500 (1.5mb)
  23. Prayer By JJ (1mb)
  24. Remember Your Testimonies (1.5mb)
  25. wav_love_fm_with_a_gospel_singer (4.4mb)
  26. wav_love_fm_with_a_gospel_singer (1.6mb)
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