Download All PASTOR SAM SALAU Messages MP3

Download All PASTOR SAM SALAU Messages MP3 2
Sam O Salau is a Personal Development Coach who works with clients in order to develop strategies to build human capital and improve their individual life, thereby improving the quality of service which they deliver to their respective organizations and creating more values. He is an exceptional communicator who is compassionate about the young leaders and deeply committed to their growth, equipping them with the knowledge, practical skills and motivation to carry out their work activities effectively, thereby building the necessary foundation to make them relevant in the future both to themselves and the society at large.
He is a strategist who helps forward-looking organizations align its long term corporate objectives with organizational capability development initiatives by builds training programmes from scratch (from the initial idea through planning, implementation, review and outcomes analysis) for his clients. His clientele cuts across different spheres of the economy. An author of over 25 published books, with the best-selling title “Secrets of Successful Students” sold over 150,000 copies, Sam O Salau currently mentors thousands of students, youths, and young adults in and around the country. He studied Mechanical Engineering in Unilag, and is currently a fellow of CMI.
He is the Chairman of Josedar International, President of SOS Publications, CEO of Students Self Help resources, Director of PDF Academy, and currently sits on the board of several other companies across the spectrum of Nigerian’s economic space. Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the management development and publishing industry. A Strong business development professional who is Skilled in Team Motivation, Public Speaking, Management Consulting, Pastoral Counseling, and Academic Publishing.  Studied Mechanical Engineering from University of Lagos. Sam. O. Salau, Africa’s leading author on campus issues, is a Professional Student Consultant. Having been dealing and speaking with students for the past ten years, the National Students’ Coach, as he is fondly called by the generality of the academic community, has practical solutions to most of the problems students encounter in their academic pursuit.
A regular speaker in all major student conferences in his country and its region, the young and dynamic University of Lagos trained Mechanical Engineer has published over 15 titles that are of help to the generality of students both in their academics and other areas of their lives. He is the most read author on campus issues in Africa. Most of his books are recommended study materials for students in his country. Among them are the best sellers Make Money While in School and Secrets of Successful Students. Some of his titles are also available in French. He is a teaching evangelist who is being used by the Lord to deliver so many youths and students who are under the oppression of the devil, thereby depopulating the kingdom of hell. His uncommon gifts and rare abilities have gained him respect among Christian leaders in his country.
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  1. Word of Wisdom (10mb)
  2. Move Forward (3mb)
  3. Mid Year Evaluation and Projection (12mb)
  4. A New Dawn (9mb)
  5. Maximizing Opportunities (7mb)
  6. Gift of Tongues and Interpretation (8mb)
  7. Season of Divine Help (32mb)
  8. Misconceptions about the Gifts of the Spirit (11mb)
  9. The Significance of Easter to the 21st Century Believer (7mb)
  10. Change Your Gear (29mb)
  11. Communion of Independence (9mb)
  12. A New Order (6mb)
  13. Season of Divine Help (28mb)
  14. Disgracing the Goliath (23mb)
  15. Positive Outlook (7mb)
  16. Mid Year Evaluation and Projection Part 2 (47mb)
  17. Benefits of the Word Part 2 (34mb)
  18. Personal Effectiveness in 2021 (8mb)
  19. Gift of Prophecy (11mb)
  20. Questions and Answers (45mb)
  21. Word of Knowledge (8mb)
  22. Spiritual Maturity (14mb)
  23. Season of Divine Help Part 2 (25mb)
  24. Disgracing the Goliath Part 2 (21mb)
  25. Maximizing Opportunities Part 2 (6mb)
  26. Gift of Faith (10mb)
  27. Why God Says No Part 2 (17mb)
  28. I am Much More than This! (38mb)
  29. 4 Attitudes to the Word (34mb)
  30. Benefits of the Word (37mb)
  31. Becoming Better Than Your (9mb)
  32. What Made the Fertile Ground Produce More Fruits (43mb)
  33. Secrets of Getting to Higher Grounds (37mb)
  34. Higher Grounds Part 2 (51mb)
  35. Higher Ground Part 3 (42mb)
  36. Fellowship with the Brethren (8mb)
  37. From Church to Hell Part 1 (24mb)
  38. From Church to Hell Part 2 (30mb)
  39. Christian Love From Church to Hell Part 3 (8mb)
  40. Balancing Marriage and Career (15mb)
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