Download All Prophet Solomon Benjamin Messages MP3 (Kingdom Heritage Ministry Int’l)

Download All Prophet Solomon Benjamin Messages MP3 (Kingdom Heritage Ministry Int'l) 2
Solomon was born 15th December into the family Mr & Mrs Ardo Benjamin in the capital city of Maiduguri, Borno State Nigeria. He attended his nursery, primary education at Innovative School located at Maiduguri Borno State and later proceeded to complete his secondary level at Titilola Memorial School Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria. He had several encounters with Jesus Christ in the vision where he was given a ministry of teaching, healing, prophecy and deliverance for the salvation of mankind.
The lord commanded him to come down to Maiduguri and begin the ministry which he reluctantly obeyed after several great men of God prophesied exactly what God told him. Solomon obtained a Degree in Private law at University of Maiduguri. Kingdom Heritage Ministry Int’l was birthed on the 5th of February 2014 in Maiduguri with just 8 members which now grew to multitude rushing week in and out to receive blessings through this young great man of God.
Are you willing to download Prophet Solomon Benjamin Messages on your mobile phone or personal computer? We have lots of sermons by the minister of God. The title and file size of each audio mp3 are specified below. Click on any of the below title and the download will start immediately:
  1. Anointing of a Finisher (29mb)
  2. Benefit of the Anointing (26mb)
  3. Crossing the Red Sea (29mb)
  4. Divine Encounter (21mb)
  5. Divine Preservation (24mb)
  6. Divine Separation (24mb)
  7. Impartation (30mb)
  8. Jesus the Chief Judge (28mb)
  9. Kingdoms (25mb)
  10. Manifestation of the Spirit Realm Part 1 (20mb)
  11. Meror Glory (19mb)
  12. Mystery Behind Water (25mb)
  13. God Craft (26mb)
  14. The God of the other Side (18mb)
  15. The Name of God (21mb)
  16. Vision (7mb)
  17. Dream (7mb)
  18. Prayer (7mb)
  19. Spiritman (8mb)
  20. God and His Knowledge (5mb)
  21. How to Overcome a Problem (8mb)
  22. Love & Mercy of Jesus (8mb)
  23. Against All Hope (21mb)
  24. Discovering your purpose (20mb)
  25. Freedom (17mb)
  26. Friend of God (24mb)
  27. God’s qualification (5mb)
  28. Growth and maturity (20mb)
  29. How to evangelize (16mb)
  30. How to forgive (24mb)
  31. Jesus Christ of Nazareth (18mb)
  32. Manifesting good dreams (35mb)
  33. Obedience to the load (21mb)
  34. Our faith (24mb)
  35. Power of choice (31mb)
  36. Progressive word of God (21mb)
  37. Prophetic grace (26mb)
  38. Prophetic instruction (22mb)
  39. Spiritual transaction (31mb)
  40. The extra ordinary man (25mb)
  41. The formula for success (18mb)
  42. The giver or gift (28mb)
  44. The Power of Grace (24mb)
  45. The presence of God (22mb)
  46. The soul of a man (23mb)
  47. The voice of God (20mb)
  48. Transition (14mb)
  49. Where god is (15mb)
  50. Youths with power (12mb)
  52. Maintaining_the_blessing_of_God (13mb)
  53. Overcoming_external_forces (27mb)
  54. The_animals_kingdom_part_one (29mb)
  55. The_first_and_the_last_Adam (23mb)
  56. The_foundational_way_of_a_believer (17mb)
  57. The_manifestation_of_hiding_potentials (25mb)
  58. The_mystery_behind_the_blood (20mb)
  59. The_nature_of_faith_part_1 (22mb)
  60. The_significance_of_the_holy_comminion (26mb)
  61. The_significance_of_a_name (21mb)
  62. The_you_that_is_blocking_you (28mb)
  63. Youth_2_controversial_quesions_and_answers (5mb)
  64. God craft (27mb)
  65. The Double Portion (22mb)
  66. The name of God (21mb)
  67. The Teaching Ministry (26mb)
  68. The_gift_of_the_holy_ghost (30mb)
  69. The_Spiritual_Earthly_things (29mb)
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