Ojo Peters Olumuyiwa is an ordained minister of the gospel. He is the set man of VOICE OF MERCY MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL. He hails from Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti state, Nigeria. The last born of a family of seven. In the track record of time, he entered into ministry at the age of 25 which many felt it was too early for him to do. God sent him to the land of minna, Niger State, after concluding his session in Bible school at sword of the spirit Bible school. The Lord called him to go and raise an altar for Him to voice out His mercy and from there the world will hear him. It sounded so unreal to him but he obeyed and this is the 23 year of obeying that calling without adding or reducing from the original assignment.
This same calling has birthed forth so many outreaches, crusades, testimonies and so on both home and abroad. He is an evangelist, teacher, prophet and mentor to several ministers.
He hosts several online programs and outreaches.  He is based at the northern side of the country, Minna Niger state to be precise. He is married to Flora Peters and both bless with three children.
Are you willing to download REV OJO PETERS Messages on your mobile phone or personal computer? We have lots of sermons by the minister of God. The title and file size of each audio mp3 are specified below. Click on any of the below title and the download will start immediately:
  1. 3 Things You Must Have Access To Before Accessing To More Rooms (38mb)
  2. Benefits Of Dedication Part 1 (9mb)
  3. Breaking The Seven Seal (47mb)
  4. Channels Of Decoration (47mb)
  5. Choice Of Life To live (33mb)
  6. Connecting Your Generation To Anointing (47mb)
  7. Dedication To God Part 3 (10mb)
  8. Developing Capacity For Kingship (30mb)
  9. He Change My Smell By His Death And Resurrection (28mb)
  10. Healing Night (58mb)
  11. Healing School (29mb)
  12. Laws Of Life (40mb)
  13. Leadership Training (22mb)
  14. Life Generators (27mb)
  15. New Month Prayers (45mb)
  16. Not Every Opening Is Divine (51mb)
  17. Praise And Unending Testimonies (10mb)
  18. Prayers For January 2022 Month Of Light (50mb)
  19. Prayers For February 2022 Month of Strong Tower (47mb)
  20. Prayers For March 2022 Month Of Anointed Leaping (27mb)
  21. Prayers For May 2022 Month Of All Round Blessings (35mb)
  22. Prayers For The Month Of June 2022 Month Of Honour (17mb)
  23. Prayers For the Month Of July 2022 – Anointed Words (Spoken And Written (17mb)
  24. Prayers For August 2022 Month Of Higher Life (50mb)
  25. Prayers For September 2022 Month Of Above All (59mb)
  26. Prayers For October 2022 Month Of Anointing Strengths (16mb)
  27. Prayers For November 2022 Month Of Anointed Covering (35mb)
  28. Prayers For December 2022 Month Of Good News (46mb)
  29. Shout Of King Day 2 Evening Session (38mb)
  30. Shout Of King Day 2 Morning Session (31mb)
  31. Shout Of King Day 3 Evening Session (27mb)
  32. Shout Of King Day 3 Morning Session (40mb)
  33. Shout Of King Day 4 Evening Session (13mb)
  34. Shout Of King Day 4 Morning Session (52mb)
  35. Shout Of King Day 5 Evening Session (44mb)
  36. Shout Of King Day 5 Morning Session (36mb)
  37. Shout Of King Day 6 Evening Session (34mb)
  38. Shout Of King Day 6 Morning Session (45mb)
  39. Shout Of King Day 7 Evening Session (43mb)
  40. Sundays Of Outpourings Day 1 (38mb)
  41. Sunday Of Outpourings Day 2 (56mb)
  42. The Commitment Of God (10mb)
  43. The Consuming Fire (72mb)
  44. Things That Rob You Of Your Beauty in Zion (48mb)
  45. Three Laws That Open That Propel Enlargement (29mb)
  46. Understanding God In Expectation Of Your Strategic Helpers (39mb)
  47. Walking And Living According To Our Name (30mb)
  48. Walking In The Supernatural Part 1 (10mb)
  49. What The Untouchable Must Not Touch (36mb)
  50. What Took The Throne From Men Who Are Meant For The Throne (56mb)
  51. When God Is Set For Opening-What Should We Expect? (60mb)
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