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  • Apostle AROME Osayi 2022 Messages Download
Apostle AROME Osayi 2022 Messages Download
Do you want to download Apostle Arome Osayi 2022 messages & Audio sermons MP3?
Everything you need is on this page, from January to December!
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February to April 2022 Messages
  1. The Watchman (22mb)
  2. Accessing the Teachings of Jesus (32mb)
  3. The Eyes of the Watchers (14mb)
  4. The Watches (31mb)
  5. Watching the Move of God (31mb)
  6. The Announcements of God (32mb)
  7. Total Committal to God (49mb)
  8. Breaking the Seal (30mb)
  9. Seeking God’s Counsel (26mb)
  10. Sacrifice and Spiritual Valve (31mb)
  11. Spiritual Spy and Discernment (25mb)
  12. Prayer and Waiting (26mb)
  13. Prayer and Sacrifice (26mb)
  14. Predestined (35mb)
  15. Prophetic Warning (25mb)
  16. The Role of the Watchman (30mb)
  17. Signs of a Watchman (26mb)
  18. Spiritual Attack (23mb)
  19. The Sins of the Bloodline (37mb)

May 2022 Messages

  1. The Vision (20mb)
  2. The Gifts That Came From Heaven (41mb)
  3. The Ministry And The Person Of The Holy Spirit (43mb)
  4. The Atmosphere Of Heaven (35mb)
  5. The Teaching Priests Adullam Graduation (29mb)
  6. The Spirit Searches All Things (23mb)   

June 2022 Messages 

  1. The Anointing (26mb)
  2. The Justice System Of Heaven (42mb)
  3. The Gifts From Above (34mb)
  4. Prayer Intercession For Nigeria (7mb)
  5. The Operation Of Light (53mb)

July 2022 Messages

  1. The Church (34mb)
  2. The Function Of A Local (31mb)
  3. The House Of God (33mb)
  4. The Universal Church (34mb)
  5. Prayer For A New Nigeria (21mb)
  6. Prophetic Prayer For Nigeria (13mb)
  7. The Negative Consequences Of Judgment Seat To Believers (26mb)
  8. The Lamp And The Vessel (26mb)
  9. The Spirit Of Faith (25mb)
  10. Apostolic Stronghold (27mb)
  11. The Circumcision Part 1 (32mb)
  12. The Circumcision Part 2 (34mb)
  13. The Mentality Of The Apostolic (34mb)
  14. Alpha Omega (23mb)
  15. Finish Strong (28mb)
  16. The House Of God (28mb)
  17. Impartation (22mb)
  18. Spiritual Fire (34mb)
  19. The Path Of Spiritual Progress 1  (35mb)
  20. The Path Of Spiritual Progress Part 2 (28mb)
  21. The Path Of Spiritual Progress Part 3 (31mb)

December 2022 messages 

  1. Quickening Spirit (39mb)
  2. Spiritual_Covering1 Hedge Dimension (25mb)
  3. Spiritual Covering 2 Faithfulness To Tithe Offering (23mb)
  4. Spiritual Covering 3The Principle Of Honour (23mb)
  5. The Substance Of Faith (28mb)
  6. The Bigger Picture (16mb)
  7. The Practicality Implementation Of  Legal System (23mb)
  8. Coals Of Fire (20mb)
  9. Consecration (16mb)
  10. The Substance Of Faith (28mb)
  11. The Law Of Obedience (19mb)
  12. The Ministry Of The Menders (22mb)

January 2023 Messages

  1. God’s Prophetic People (25mb)
  2. Manifestation  Of God As The Resurrection  Day (19mb)
  3. The Resurrection  (20mb)
  4. Session 2 WAFBEC 2023-DAY-3 (24mb)
  5. Beware Of Balaam (11mb)
  6. Engaging God As A Judge (24mb)
  7. Sound-From-Heaven (14mb)
  8. The Economy Of Sealed Things (12mb)
  9. The Unseen Realm (24mb)
  10. Spiritual Covering The Law Of Honour Part 2 (28mb) 
  11. Spiritual Covering Law Of Honour Part 3 (26mb)
  12. Spiritual Warfare Part 1 (28mb)
  13. Spiritual Warfare Part 2 (28mb)
  14. Spiritual Warfare Part 3 The Warfare Of The Mind (29mb)
  15. Spiritual Warfare The Warfare Of The Mind Part 2 (26mb)
  16. Spiritual Warfare Part 4 Christ Centred Thinking (27m)
  17. Spiritual Warfare The Warfare Of The Mind Part 4 (29mb)
  18. Spiritual Warfare Indicators Of Demonic Presence (24mb)
  19. Battlefield Of The Mind Part 1(30mb)
  20. Litmus Test For Divine Prosperity Spiritual Warfare Series (25mb)
  21. Satanic Investments (26mb)
  22. Spiritual Warfare Spiritual Blessings In Christ (29mb)
  23. The Lamp-stand The Territorial Church (35mb)
  24. The Power of His Resurrection (32mb)
  25. The Mystery Of Financial Stewardship Spiritual Warfare Series (23mb)

February 2023 Messages 

  1. Gift From The Realm Of God – The Anointing (31mb)
  2. Gift From The Realm Of God – The Name Of Jesus (29mb)
  3. Plagues Of Rebellion Destruction Famine And Death (25mb)
  4. Sights And Sounds Of  2023 The Capacity Of God (9mb)
  5. Spiritual Operations (16mb)
  6. Spiritual Warfare Domain Of Finances (28mb)
  7. The Administration Of The Christ (27mb)
  8. The Man From Heaven (32mb)
  9. God As The Judge (20mb)
  10. Metaphors Of Counterfeit Christianity (43mb)
  11. Prayers MIracles And Deliverance (31mb)
  12. The Blood Of Sprinkling (26mb)
  13. The Court Of Heaven (21mb)
  14. The Enterprise Of Prayer (16mb)
  15. The Justice System Of Heaven (27mb)
  16. The Overcomers (15mb)
  17. The Babylonian System A Journey Through Identity Crisis (35mb)
  18. The Babylonian System Redeeming The Time (35mb)
  19. The Babylonian System Striving For The Mastery (30mb)
  20. Dunamis (25mb)
  21. Exousia (Authority) (30mb)
  22. The Gospel Of God (21mb)
  23. Legal Spiritual Bondage (23mb)
  24. Pattern For Increase (24mb)
  25. Price For Ascendancy (12mb)
  26. Spiritual Capital (28mb)
  27. The Key To Great Exploits (35mb)
  28. The Ministry Of The Believer (19mb)

March 2023 Messages 

  1. The Instrument Of Power Part 1 (25mb)
  2. The Instrument Of Power Part 2 (31mb)
  3. The Work Of The Ministry (36mb)
  4. The Administration Of The Kingdom Of God (18mb)
  5. A Nation Of Priests (28mb)
  6. Apostolic Culture Day One (25mb)
  7. Apostolic Culture Day Two Miracle Healing Service (29mb)
  8. How To Judge Prophecies (18mb)
  9. The Concept Of Gods Sovereignty (22mb)
  10. The Politics Of The Inner Chamber (25mb)
  11. The Secret To Increasing Your Spiritual Rank With God (31mb)

April 2023 Messages

  1. Possessing Our Possession (21mb)
  2. Prevailing At The Gates (33mb)
  3. Reclaiming Your Lost Territory (36mb)
  4. The Realms Of God Part 1 (46mb)
  5. The Realms Of God Part 2 (28mb)
Read This! 


Because in most of the summons that the lord has called me, he showed me the future, so i’ve seen today before today. Yes, what I came here to do is to act. What I saw according to the act in five minutes time, an angel will come in according to the act because we rehearse it In the closet. Then when we come to the open, we just say act it and then you say: i’m a powerful man of god.

Meanwhile, i’m not even the best, maybe the best is sitting here. You have the potential to even have a more intimate relationship with jesus, because he that’s one of the things he gives. You will never know how intimate you are meant to be until you begin to explore God and that’s why.

I know that a preacher that is known all around the world is not special. The person that is special is the holy ghost and I came to teach you about him. If you explore the things i’m talking about, maybe i’ll be forgotten, and that will be in god’s interest.

Let christ increase in your life and let the preacher diminish the work of the preacher is that the Work of a best man he facilitates the meeting of the bride and the bridegroom. That’s the role of a preacher. You should lose your members to jesus.

That’s the idea lose them, you facilitate it, you create an atmosphere and then you administer oversight to ensure that they don’t enlope with a stranger.

May the lord give you understand: before him and cast your crown day after day acknowledging the fact that he’s you see he has come now: ! Now listen! There’s a woman here! I think I hope you don’t mind if I step down, so we have a practical session now. If what i’m saying is true, God will prove it . So what song is that ?

That’s what I had the engine says: ! Oh , now listen anytime. You hear something in the spirit and you’re, not sure of it. Just think. If it’s on your head, it will fizzle out . Just so what I did. I tested what I had . Yes, like I said there is a woman, this woman is called to be a carrier of the presence of god. It’s a calling. I have that calling so I know it’s called You can bring the presence of god to a place.

God gave you the skills required to bring the presence of god to a location. This woman may not even know that she has that calling. But what I see in the spirit is that the angels of the lord they are going to clothe her with the garment. In a short while, okay should be don’t, be creative, read this reading, , all right so the hand of god will come upon this woman because she is to be released fully into the dimension of ministry.

This impartation will mark you for education. The holy spirit will begin to visit you And educate you more about what it means to be a carrier of the presence of god in a few minutes in a few minutes, a few minutes the hand of god will rest upon this woman that i’m talking about And it will rest so powerful rest, so strong, the hand of god is upon another woman. Another woman .

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