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Apostle Michael OROKPO 2022 Messages Download

Apostle Michael Orokpo Messages 2022 Download
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February to April 2022 Messages
  1. Activating Dominion by Prayer Part 2 (31mb)
  2. Appropriating the Cross (12mb)
  3. Classes in the School of Process Part 1 (27mb)
  4. Classes in the School of Process Part 2 (29mb)
  5. Seven Classes in the School of Process Part 4 (22mb)
  6. Seven Classes in the School of Process Part 5 (25mb)
  7. Discerning Seasons (20mb)
  8. Financial Dominion (33mb)
  9. Fullness of Joy Part 1 (23mb)
  10. Fullness of Joy Part 2 (22mb)
  11. God of Wonders Crusade (12mb)
  12. His Ways, His Acts Part 1 (22mb)
  13. His Ways, His Acts Part 2 (20mb)
  14. I am the Bread of Life (30mb)
  15. I am the Door (21mb)
  16. I am the Good Shepherd (27mb)
  17. I am the Light (25mb)
  18. I am (26mb)
  19. Making of a World Changer Part 1 (24mb)
  20. Making of a World Changer Part 2 (17mb)
  21. Ministry of the Word Part 2 (20mb)
  22. Obolo Encounter Jesus Crusade (13mb)
  23. Pathway of Priesthood (21mb)
  24. Principles of Kingdom Dominion (38mb)
  25. Prioritizing the Kingdom Part 1 (21mb)
  26. Prioritizing the Kingdom Part 2 (23mb)
  27. Receiving Divine Healing (28mb)
  28. Saviour Shall Come Part 1 (17mb)
  29. Saviour Shall Come Part 2 (24mb)
  30. Spiritual Foundations Part 1 (30mb)
  31. Spiritual Foundations Part 3 (27mb)
  32. Spiritual Foundations Part 4 (31mb)
  33. The Anointing of the Holy Spirit (19mb)
  34. The Emergence of Sons Part 1 (30mb)
  35. The Emergence of Sons Part 2 (20mb)
  36. The Essence of Travail Part 1 (23mb)
  37. The Essence of Travail Part 2 (17mb)
  38. The Gospel (28mb)
  39. The Man of Calvary (17mb)
  40. The Ministry of the Holy Spirit Part 1 (33mb)
  41. The Ministry of the Holy Spirit Part 2 (27mb)
  42. The Ministry of the Word Part 1 (21mb)
  43. The New Creation (27mb)
  44. The Ordination of Sons, Priests and Kings (24mb)
  45. The Protocol of the Call (24mb)
  46. The Seven Realms of Intimacy Part 1 (31mb)
  47. The Seven Realms of Intimacy Part 2 (32mb)
  48. Transition Part 1 (22mb)
  49. Transition Part 2 (23mb)
  50. Walking in Divine Authority Part 1 (31mb)
  51. Walking in Divine Health (22mb)

May 2022 Messages

  1. Healings By the Finished Works of Christ (17mb)
  2. The Ministry Of The Holy Spirit Part 3 (25mb)
  3. Rebirth Part 1 (26mb)
  4. Rebirth Part 2 (28mb)
  5. Rebirth Part 3 (17mb) 
  6. Spiritfest Part 1(26mb)
  7. Spiritfest Part 2 (26mb)
  8. Pakistan Apostolic Invasion Part 1 (17mb)
  9. Pakistan Apostolic Invasion Part 2 (20mb)
  10. Dominion By Power (21mb) 
  11. North East Apostolic Invasion Part 1 (17mb)
  12. NorthEast Apostolic Invasion Part 2 (11mb)
  13. Enlargement (23mb)
  14. Evangelism (27mb)
  15. Subduing Territories (27mb)
  16. Evangelism Part 2 (27mb) use

June 2022 Messages 

  1. Subduing Territories Part 2 (27mb)
  2. The Secret Of Invincibility (22mb)
  3. By My Spirit Part 1 (13mb)
  4. By My Spirit Part 2 (13mb)
  5. Wielding The Power Of The Age To Come (13mb)
  6. Becoming God’s Man (22mb)
  7. The Supernatural (13mb)
  8. Growing Unto Maturity Part 1 (20mb)
  9. Growing Unto Maturity Part 2 (27mb)
  10. Nassarawa Apostolic Invasion Day 1 (27mb)
  11. Birthing The New Part 1(24mb)
  12. Birthing The New Part 2 (31mb)
  13. Gathering Of Eagles Part 1 (23mb)
  14. Gathering Of Eagles Part 2 (26mb)
  15. How To Walk In The Supernatural (19mb)
  16. The Apostolic Culture (24mb)
  17. The Sovereign Name – Jesus Christ (27mb)
  18. Kingdom Influence (37mb)
  19. Dynamics Of Acceleration Part 1 (43mb)
  20. Dynamics Of Acceleration Part 2 (29mb)
  21. Dynamics Of Acceleration Part 3 (24mb)
  22. The New  Beginning Part 1 (24mb)
  23. The New Beginning Part 2 (41mb)

July 2022 Messages

  1. The Power Of Thanksgiving (25mb)
  2. Operations Of The Spirit Of This Age Part 1 (33mb)
  3. Operations Of The Spirit Of This Age Part 2 (31mb)
  4. The Journey Of Marriage (34mb)
  5. How Shall These Things Be  Part 1 (34mb)
  6. How Shall These Thing Be Part 2 (39mb)
  7. Living Above Systems (18mb)
  8. Our Victory In Christ (21mb)
  9. The Glory Of Worship (22mb)
  10. The Weapons Of An Ambassador (21mb)
  11. Walking In The Glory Realm (22mb)

August 2022 messages 

  1. Orders of The Spirit Realm (34mb)
  2. Infallible Proof Part 1 (22mb)
  3. Infallible Proof Part 2 (31mb)
  4. Infallible Proof Part 3 (20mb)
  5. Infallible Proof Part 4 (25mb)
  6. The Map Of The Supernatural Part 1 (28mb)
  7. The Map Of The Supernatural Part 2 (28mb)
  8. Operating In A World Of No Limit (36mb)
  9. Special Messengers Of The Last Days 1 (47mb)
  10. The Dynamics Of Accessing The Help Of God(34mb)
  11. Operating The Faith That Commands Results (32mb)

September 2022 Messages

  1. Biblical Overview Of Marriage (54mb)
  2. Highly Inflammable (28mb)
  3. Sound Of Trumpets Part 1 (27mb)
  4. Sound Of Trumpets Part 2 (23mb)
  5. Supernatural Prosperity Part 1 (33mb)
  6. Supernatural Prosperity  Part 2 (44mb)
  7. Supernatural Prosperity Part 3(34mb)
  8. Supernatural Prosperity Part 4 (30mb)
  9. The Believers Mandate  (44mb)
  10. Marriage Crisis And Conflict Resolution Part 1 (51mb)
  11. Marriage Crisis And Conflict Resolution Part 2 (33mb)
  12. The Emerging Army (32mb)
  13. Feast Of The Spirit And The Bride (28mb)
  14. Reality Of The Gospel (30mb)
  15. Biblical – Numerology 1(29mb)
  16. New Dimension (28mb)
  17. Protocol Of Manifestation (29mb)

October 2022 Messages

  1. Five Cadres Of Authority (20mb)
  2. Shekinah Glory Of His Presence (40mb)
  3. The Elect Of God (26mb)
  4. Upon This Rock (25mb)
  5. Upon This Rock Part 2 (29mb)
  6. Five Cadres Of Authority Ascension Part 1 (28mb)
  7. Five Cadres Of Authority Ascension Part 2 (28mb)
  8. Five Cadres Of Authority Ascension Part 3 (28mb)
  9. The Kings Reward Part 1 (29mb)
  10. The Kings Reward Part 2(29mb)
  11. Laws Of Encounter (35mb)
  12. Not Without A Witness (27mb)
  13. The Excellencies Of Encounters (28mb)
  14. The Ministry Of The FullnessPart 1 (28mb)

November 2022 Messages 

  1. Spiritual Knowledge (30mb)
  2. The Culture Of A Spiritual Man (19mb)
  3. The Ministry Of The Fullness Part 2 (24mb)
  4. The Ministry Of The Fullness Part 3 (25mb)
  5. The Mystery Of Spoken Words (33mb)
  6. The Mystery Of Faith Part  (32mb)
  7. The Mystery Of Giving (31mb)
  8. The Pathway To New Dimensions (19mb)
  9. Arise Shine Part 1 (37mb)
  10. Arise Shine Part 2 (31mb)
  11. Protocol Of An Outpouring Part 1 (22mb)
  12. Protocol Of An Outpouring Part 2 (34mb)
  13. Rising Above The Operations Of Darkness (29mb)
  14. The Making Of A Champion (24mb)
  15. Bukuru Crusade Day 1 (25mb)
  16. Bukuru Crusade Day 2 (26mb)
  17. The Dominion Mandate Part 1(28mb)
  18. The Pathway To New Dimensions Part 2 (20mb)

December 2022 Messages 

  1. Phases Of The Move Of God (34mb)
  2. Operating In The Power Of The Holy Ghost (37mb)
  3. The Fatherhood Of God (34mb)
  4. The Rise Of Kingdom Legislators 2022 Day 1 (33mb)
  5. The Rise Of Kingdom Legislators 2022 Day 2 (36mb)
  6. The Rise Of Kingdom Legislators Miracle Service 2022 Day 3 (28mb)
  7. The Rise Of Kingdom Legislators Morning Session 2022 Day (34mb)
  8. Victorious Living (40mb)
  9. Envision (16mb)
  10. God Strategy For Preservation Part 1(22mb)
  11. Contacting Revival Fire (20mb)
  12. Wonders Of Thanksgiving 1 (25mb)

January 2023 messages

  1. Our Year Of Establishment Overview Instructions (32mb)
  2. The Power Of Fasting Part 1 (30mb)
  3. The Politics Of The SPirit Realm (10mb)
  4. Doctrine Of Forgiveness Part 2 Victorious Living Series 1 (24mb)
  5. Benefits Of Prayers Part 1 (25mb)
  6. Benefits Of Prayers Part 2 (31mb)
  7. Doctrine Of Righteousness (26mb)
  8. Governing Operations Of Prayer (21mb)
  9. Strategies For Advantage In The Last Days (34mb)
  10. Doctrine Of Sanctification Consecration 1 (26mb)
  11. Mystery Of Thanksgiving Part 2 (18mb)
  12. NYANGO-GYEL – Healing And Miracle Crusade DAY 1 (26mb)
  13. NYANGO-GYEL – Healing And Miracle Crusade Day 2 (17mb)
  14. Principles For Enlargement Part 1 (29mb)
  15. Principles For Enlargement Part 2 (21mb)

February 2023 Messages

  1. Manifesting The Light (25mb)
  2. Manifesting The Light Part 2 (25mb)
  3. Mercy Conference 2023 LIGHT Day 3 Morning  Session FEBRUARy 3_2023 (21mb)
  4. The Doctrine Of Power (39mb)
  5. The Doctrine Of Power Part 2 (30mb)
  6. The Doctrine Of Power Part 4 (Engaging Spiritual Element) (26mb)
  7. The Reverse Protocol (37mb)
  8. Abrahamization Of Things (25mb)
  9. Capacity Building – TBC Capacity Building Conference (24mb)
  10. Operating In Power By Virtue (20mb)
  11. The Doctrine Of Prayer Part 1 (33mb)
  12. The Doctrine Of Prayers Part 2 (29mb)
  13. The Doctrine Of Prayers Part 3 (29mb)

March 2023 Messages

  1. The Character Of Faith Part 1 (32mb)
  2. The Doctrine Of Prayers Part 4 (26mb)
  3. Eternal Witnesses (26mb)
  4. The Principle Of The Prayer Of Faith (34mb)

April 2023 Messages

  1. Making A Difference (31mb)
  2. Ogbaru Healing And Deliverance Crusade (28mb)
    1. War Against Sicknesses And Diseases (31mb)

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What you need to know about this is season by Apostle Mike Orokpo

And after aeons, in the spirit god decided to embark on a different kind of project, and this time around, god wanted to step out of the invincible realm. That was when god created the earth and the earth was governed by three basic laws: the law of matter.
The law of space and the law of time, the law of matter Is what necessitates tangibility and visibility. So the substance by which the visible realm was created, the tangibility of the visible realm, is governed by a law. The principle called mata, you know before god began to create the visible realm.
The angels had seen all the wisdoms of god, but they didn’t know that the much they knew about god was the measure that was Allocated to their civilization. You know, even if you know all of god that is allocated to man. That is not all there is in god, that’s what’s allocated to us.
So the first wonder that god carried out even before he began to create man was the fact that he was able to make stone out of nothing because the angels are they absorb their essence spirit. Everything in their realm is intangible, So they didn’t know by what means god began to crystallize substance out of nothing. So the first mystery that they saw in god was his enablement to make substance out of nothing, and the second thing god did was that from the invincible realm god decided to create space, so vacuum was made out of nothing, and matter was placed.
In fact, the law of matter is what creates fabric it’s, what creates Materiality so that you can interact with the visible realm. The law of space is what makes allowance for matter to find expression without space matter can’t exist, because the only way matter can exist is when space creates an allowance. So the law of space makes for allowance.
The law of matter makes for tangibility, but there is yet another law called the law of time. The law of time is not for tangibility or for space. The law of time is for expression, and I will tell you what expression means, because it is on the basis of expression that the mystery of an season can be articulated.
The mystery of the seasons past is the enablement to manifest god. So when you see beings that are of that season, you identify them by the dimension of god they manifest so micah is a revelation of the strength of god. Everything about micah, the essence of Micah reveals might because the mystery of that season is tied around manifestation.
Now, if you don’t know the mystery that governs your season, you will be functioning by the mystery of another season and you will call it impact, but you will not be relevant. The mystery that governs our season is not manifestation. That’s why? God is not so moved with gifts, I’m going somewhere.
You can be so gifted in the church, but when god wants to raise men for leadership, he won’t pick you, because the mystery of this season is not tied to manifestation it’s tied to something else. But if you were in the angelic claim, your stature will be based on your manifestation. That was why, even though lucifer did not have the nature and the character of god, He was a ranking prince, because in that realm manifestation gave you rank so lucifer was a light bearer.
He was a carrier of fire, the bible said he was covered with 10 precious stones, so everything about lucifer spoke of glamor, of splendor, of brilliance and of glory, and on the strength of that he was one of the troops of zion, But when god decided to Create this season he said the mystery of this season is not manifestation the mystery of this. You know paul had to travel so far in the spirit to find it, because the things we know are not a product of what we read. You can read a book, but the secret of that book revealed.
So you will read it and quote it, but you will not know the essence of that book. Unless, by what you read, a door is open and you enter into the virgin knowledge that produce what that book captures. That was why john was with jesus.
He didn’t know him, but when the veils of the divide were open and he looked upon, the crystals jesus had to introduce himself afresh. Is there a mouthful omega? The man you are called a prophet in galilee Is not a prophet. The man you call the prophet is the beginning end, it’s not beginning and end.
It’s beginning end. That means it’s at the beginning and at the end, at the same time he is existence. So he was telling john.
You were not touching a man, you were touching existence, so every time you were walking in galilee, you were not walking with me. You were walking in me, [, Music, ], that’s not where i’m going, but when john traveled deep in zion, he saw one of the ranking angels of glory and the india told him do you know why earth was created and for the first time john was dumbfounded And the angel told him not only earth even heaven, he said all things were created for god’s pleasure. So if you are not functioning to give God pleasure, you are not alive.
You are dead because the code of existence is predicated on the degree of pleasure that you give to god. If you don’t give pleasure to god, you are breathing, but you are not existing, because the existence itself will vomit you. That was the same depth.
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