Download: Christmas Stories’20 by Godly Ideas (Day 2 Morning)


Christmas Stories’20 by Godly Ideas (Day 2 Morning)

Download: Christmas Stories'20 by Godly Ideas (Day 2 Morning) 1

It’s a beautiful morning dear friend.
I believe that you had a beautiful night rest.

Yesterday, we started our pursuit, and we established that man has a greater trouble than sin, which is the fact that he cannot save himself.

That was yesterday, however this morning, I invite you to take a fresh look at this passage

_“…and she will give birth to a son, whom you will call Jesus (‘the Saviour’) for it is he who will save his people from their sins.”_ Matthew 1:21 PHILLIPS.

Notice the Bible didn’t say
…He should be able to save His people… neither did Scriptures say He will attempt to save His people.

Rather, Scriptures declare with confidence. Dare we ask how the angel who brought this message had the audacity to make this declaration?

It is because *Scriptures, and by extension, all of history is saturated with episodes of the display of the saving acts of our God!*

To put that in a sentence: *God has a reputation for mightily saving people.* From sin, and its consequences.

I’ll leave you with that this morning.
When we return layer in the evening, we shall begin to examine from Scriptures, the saving acts of our God, and what they imply to us.

But before you go, the promise of Scripture is that Jesus Christ will save His people.

Are you truly His?

Good morning.

Download: Christmas Stories'20 by Godly Ideas (Day 2 Morning) 2

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