[MP3 Download] Danger of Imbalance by Apostle Joshua Selman

Danger of Imbalance By Apostle Joshua Selman mp3

[MP3 Download] Danger of Imbalance by Apostle Joshua Selman 1

Imbalance is one of the strategies the devil has orchestrated into Christianity just to draw us away from God, to ensure that we don’t get our best out of serving God. The danger that imbalance will cause in Christianity it we don’t fight it, it will be difficult to pass our faith to the next generation, hardly will you see men in all the programs organised by the church, because we are so much concerned about what we’ll eat and drinking, average Christians in this century didn’t born again by family, majority of us got our salvation in one crusade or the other.

Why? Because our fore fathers are so concerned about what to eat and what to offer the family members. So because of this they forgot to balance the equation to ensure that their daily routine doesn’t affect their relationship with God. Any God’s general you see performing one miracle or the other are men that devote all their time to God, In other words if we want to get more or God we must dedicate our time for him.

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Majority find it difficult to have personal fellowship with God. Once they’ve prayed while going out in the morning that’s all for the day. We can’t get more of God this way, call any Christian child to come and recite some bible verses. You’ll be surprised that even John 3 v 16 they can’t meditate and recite it for you. Another thing that will shock you again is that pr… You really need to listen to this powerful teaching!

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[MP3 Download] Danger of Imbalance by Apostle Joshua Selman 2


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