DOWNLOAD MP3: HIDDEN ECONOMY By Apostle Osayi Arome (Audio)

HIDDEN ECONOMY By Apostle Osayi Arome

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The economy of God is not the same with the economy of man. As human, we placed our financial trust on analysis and various indicators that guide the supply and demand for money, goods and services. However, the supply of wealth and riches by God does not depend on our physical indicators. The currencies spent by the children of God do not depend on the current flow or supply of money but on the purpose of whom God has made us to be. The devil has powerful as he is, he is not permitted to touch the belongings of the children of God without God’s approval. Therefore, you must fill your mind with this understanding that as a child of God the only thing the devil is allowed to take away from you at a point In time is what you did not need according to God. The provision for the children of God is not for show off, personal fulfilment, competition or ego boast, it is rather based on the purpose of God and His wills as a particular time. Truly we are not created to suffer as a Christian, because God knew that we need money, food, cloth and shelter, Nevertheless, the sustainable source of our financial provision is rooted in the fulfilment of our God given purpose. If you won’t trust in other thing, there will be times when you won’t have some things either property, money or other stuff, it is not the time to think God has forsaking you, it is not the period to assume your long term sin is catching up with you, It is rather the time to understand the need to look inward and discover what God want you to do that time of your life. There are many things to learn with regards to our wealth and riches in God, listen to this sermon and your understanding will be broaden.

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