[Download] Koinonia Abuja Miracle Service June, 2023

Download Koinonia Abuja MIRACLE SERVICE June, 2023 (MP3) with Apostle Joshua Selman

[Download] Koinonia Abuja Miracle Service June, 2023 4

Find below Koinonia Abuja Miracle Service June 2023 with Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak for Sunday, 25th June, 2023. Here are some excerpts from the programme: By thanking God for all He has done, you subscribe for more in the Spirit. Gratitude is a multiplier. Anything you thank God for, you can multiples of it. When a Believer basks in gratitude to God, they will be surprised when the next miracle arrives. Even without asking. Don’t wait until notable results happen in your life, before you express gratitude. Gratitude should be a culture imbibed in your daily life. Selfish living is a recipe for failure and destruction. Decide to be a blessing, by living for a cause beyond yourself. It is important to be a passionate lover of God and humanity. When you love God, loving mankind becomes second nature. Nothing God gives you is totally for you. He gives bread to the eater and seeed to the sower; it is unwise to eat your seed and sow your bread. Everything God created, was designed to find fulfillment from giving of itself, to bless others. The greatest testimony should be that lives are transformed through your life and that you’re being a blessing to someone.

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[Download] Koinonia Abuja Miracle Service June, 2023 5

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