DOWNLOAD MP3: A NEW ALTER TO GOD Part 1 & 2 By Pastor E. A Adeboye (Audio)

 A NEW ALTER TO GOD Part 1 & 2 By Pastor E. A Adeboye

DOWNLOAD MP3: A NEW ALTER TO GOD Part 1 & 2 By Pastor E. A Adeboye (Audio) 1

An Alter is a spiritual channel through which the physical realms communicate with the Spiritual realms. It is generally acceptable that the Spiritual realms have a more controlling power over the physical. Therefore, many human being seek all possible means to have spiritual access that enable them to influence the physical situations that surrounds their lives. Many enter agreement with Spiritual beings in the water, some with Spiritual beings on the dunghill and many other places. What is common to all alters is the communication between the physical and the spiritual realm. No one is without an alter, just that not all gods has a physical monument. Many folks worship possession, some worship fame, some worship money and many worship wealth. Whatever it is that one devote his/her life to and constantly profess for assurance becomes one’s god and when such things are not physical, your heart becomes the alter where you worship those things. An Alter is not necessarily a physical arrangement designed for the worship of a god. It is the continuous operation of sincere dedication to a course and absolute belief in the outcome of such activities. If you offer sacrifices of prayers always anywhere and everywhere, your being becomes and alter itself. When you dedicate a space in your house for prayers at specific period without doubting the authenticity of the same venue it becomes an alter. What then have you made your alter? And to whom have you raised an alter? To know how to raise a new alter onto God and have smoothe fellowship with God, listen to this message and you will blessed.Click the links below to download the sermon now

PART ONE – 26mb

PART TWO – 26mb




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