DOWNLOAD MP3: A SOUND FROM HEAVEN Part 1 & 2 BY Apostle Michael Orokpo (Audio)

A SOUND FROM HEAVEN Part 1 & 2 BY Apostle Michael Orokpo

Apostle Michael Orokpo Messages 2022 Download

Nothing can be compared to the personality of a Christain that knows his/her true identity. Our power is find in the level of authority that we can command through the presence of the nature of God in us. Many time believers long to receive impartation from Prophets and Apostles virtually for everything they wish to do. As good as impartation is, it is not the best for a Christain that knows his/her true identity in Christ. You need impartation in the first place because you are far away from God and you need a connection to be able to ascend to your desired level of command in the Spirit. If you had known your true nature and kept your stature right, you would have been able to ascend easily to greater realms and dimensions in the spirit. The first thing that the sound from heaven does is to bring men into the awareness of who they really are. The sound from heaven sensitize the children of God to understand the true nature of God that resides with in and equip them with inner ability to move into such reality. This is a nice message that will build your holy faith and position you at your rightful place of command. You shall be blessed listening. Click links below to download the sermons now 




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