DOWNLOAD MP3: BORN TO BE GREAT BY Pastor E.A Adeboye (Audio)

BORN TO BE GREAT BY Pastor E.A Adeboye

DOWNLOAD MP3: BORN TO BE GREAT BY Pastor E.A Adeboye (Audio) 3

It is not just a mere a word of encouragement or that of motivation if we say that Christian are born to be great. We are born again in Christ to be great in all good works and live will the Dominion that comes through the faith in the name of our lord Jesus Christ. God in His infinite mercy at creation, deposited the capacity to be great on the surface of earth into the features of man. Therefore greatness is not optional for you and I in the agenda of God. However, the promises of greatness is not exempted in the devil’s target to get back to God. He fought Christians so that this promises will not be experienced and so that human may take God a liar thereby making men to reject God and follow the cunning ways of the devil. If the sinners are getting rich and becoming great in their own ways, it is an assurance that there is truly greatness in the creations of God and it all belongs to the children of God. It is left to you to discover and understand how you can tap into the promise of greatness and live your destined life. One of the prominent enemies of greatness is the act of Sin. It sap off of the ability of greatness in the life of a man and render such life useless. Sin makes a person of greatness to become a bigger in the waste land. It is important you renounce all your allegiance to sins and immoral activities if greatness is  your life goal. Learn more on the issues of divine greatness in this series and you shall be blessed tremendously.

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