DOWNLOAD MP3: BY MY SPIRIT By Apostle Joshua Selman (Audio)

BY MY SPIRIT By Apostle Joshua Selman

DOWNLOAD MP3: BY MY SPIRIT By Apostle Joshua Selman (Audio) 4

One of the most wisest decision anyone can make is to depend on God. Research has shown that, the highest population of those who live a satisfactory and fulfilling life are those who count on God’s help. To depends on ones’ ability and strength is to prepare for a remorseful life time. Although so many people become great at the expense of  dependence on God, what they do not know is that, they become great because they obeyed the principles that produce the result of Greatness which are released by God. If you will be helped by the Lord, it is important that you understand the significance of your relationship with the Holy Spirit. The relationship that is established to show the true love of God. It was written that ”we know not how we ought to pray, but the Spirit intercede for us in a groaning that can not be uttered”. Until you accept that you are limited in helping yourself, it will still be impossible for the spirit of God to help you. The power of God does not come upon the strength of man, His greatness come upon the weakness of mankind. To learn how you can attract the help of God and live for His glory, listen to this teaching and you shall be blessed richly.

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