DOWNLOAD MP3: DROP THAT STONE By Rev Sam Adeyemi (Audio)

DROP THAT STONE By Rev Sam Adeyemi

DOWNLOAD MP3: DROP THAT STONE By Rev Sam Adeyemi (Audio) 2

It is always easy to criticize and lable others by thier mistakes and evil deeds. To identify the fault of others and tell it to thier face how horrible thier actions are. As inherent and nearly inseparable this deed is, It is not the nature of God in man. God is not happy with it. In fact, Jesus gave sermon on the spontaneous responds of man to the sins of others instead of each man dealing with his own greater sins. It is not the responsibility of anyone to judge the misdeed of others according to God marvelous law of love. It does not mean that man can therefore become unruly and perpetual evil doer. It means that although, God dislike iniquities and evil actions, He still loves mankind and all that He made thereof. He is never angry with them for long. If you as a man now think you are better than the people you assumed to be sinners and you hated them to death, you become and enemy with God and you violate the law of love. God lovers sinners, It is the sins in him/her that annoys God. Instead of judging and building up hatred against that assumed sinner and wicked person, pray for them and teach them the need to change thier ways to avoid the consequences of thier evil actions. Do not be an hypocrite who judge others for commiting different sins from his own. Love is way of life, therefore Live with love. This  series will surely broaden your horizon and bless you greatly.

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