DOWNLOAD MP3: Dynamics Of Acceleration Part 1, 2 & 3 by Apostle Michael Orokpo (Sermon)

Dynamics Of Acceleration Part 1, 2 & 3 by Apostle Michael Orokpo

Apostle Mike Orokpo

New beginning are tied to the degree of our transformation and there are three things that makes a new beginning: The man on the face of the earth has a spiritual calendar, the quality of our lives is what determines the progress we are making and the quality of our life is to the degree that we align with God and God desires that we live a quality and useful profitable life. There are four protocol to entering into a new beginning: Forces and power must be jugded, Your heart must be circumcised, There will be a need for consecration then blessings flows. There some people that sees new things yearly, montly, quaterly, and daily. This happens based on the dynamics of their acceleration. There is a ealm where people see new things part time and how often you see new things is a function of your understanding of your dynamics of acceleration. Three things that makes for spiritual acceleration for speed and frequency: The place of the Word (The power and operations) the word of God is a spirit that changes and transforms you and brings the realm of eternity, Click on the links below to listen to this ser…





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