DOWNLOAD MP3: FOUNDATIONS By Apostle Osayi Arome (Audio)

FOUNDATIONS By Apostle Osayi Arome

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There is always a basis upon which an idea, orientation, situations or occurrence rest. When the foundation of a thing is unknown many approaches may be taken in order to correct or solve unpleasant situations that befall such a thing. The power of foundation is so vast even beyond the ability of the people that  set it. Many foundations outlive the original pioneer and founders. It is important that you check your life very often and identify what foundation you make with your daily life activities. Most of your actions and inactions today are forming habits and constantly becoming your character upon which  your life pattern will be based. This is a sound teaching you can not afford to miss. Listen to it and you will know how to deal with family foundation, territorial foundations and other pertinent issues in your life.May you be blessed as you listen.

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