DOWNLOAD MP3: GOD’S CHOSEN FAST PART 1& 2 By Apostle Edu Udechukwu (Audio)

GOD’S CHOSEN FAST PART 1& 2 By Apostle Edu Udechukwu

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Fasting is a vital spiritual exercise for christians. It is one of the powerful ways of connecting to God and finding solutions to problems. Fasting in itself is not a big deal. What makes it powerful is your engagement during fasting. Many people thought fasting is just about abstaining  from food and water within a specific period of time. So after they must have fulfilled this conditions, they will discover that the same matter which they fasted against is the first thing they experienced after there break the fast. Some of them usually resolve to think that their problems is far greater than their ability or that God is not willing to respond to their cry. The essence of fasting is to create a kind of flawless connection between your physical world and the spiritual world. If then you just abstain from food and water but you do not use the moment to meditate, study the word of God and pray earnestly to God what connection do you think you would have created that will be powerful enough to deliver onto your hands what you have desired ? Listen to this message and you will learn how to fast and get result of your fast.Click the links below to download the sermon now




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