DOWNLOAD MP3: GOD’S END IN MEETINGS By Apostle Edu Udechukwu (Audio)

GOD’S END IN MEETINGS By Apostle Edu Udechukwu

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Nothing can be compared with the awesomeness of God’s presence and His glorious fellowship. It is always the desire of the children of men to seek God on any matter and have thier heart desires granted. However, Recieving blessings, healing and miracles in time of need are not just all that is in God. People that pray, worship, serve and do things in the household of God mainly because of what they want form God do not last In their fellowship with Him and this has led to the premature weariness of so many fervent Christian. When you desire to meet with God for a specific time over particular issues, there is possibility that God will give answers to your request within few days or hours not up to the prepared days or hours. This does not mean God want you to stop fellowship with Him. It does not mean God is done with you. When some people experience spiritual interventions sooner than expected they become their own “best child of God ” and then stop whatever spiritual exercises they have been doing. It is a sign of a selfish child of God. It shows that you do not want to hear or know any other thing that God may want to do or say again. Human time management is never the same with God’s time. This is a nice message that teaches the quality of meaningful fellowship with God, you will blessed listening.

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