DOWNLOAD MP3: GOD’S RECOVERY AGENDA By Apostle Edu Udechukwu (Audio)

GOD’S RECOVERY AGENDA By Apostle Edu Udechukwu

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The manifestation of God in the lives of men is not just an impromptu event, it is rather a predestined agenda. It is not wrong to say that your life to God is a mission to fulfill a destined script. Therefore none of your actions, success, failure or setbacks is a surprises to God. Truly the scripture is full of many promises and prophecies of God towards those who love and believe in Him, however, all promises and prophecies have time and seasons of manifestation. When the time is right for the manifestation of such prophecy, it becomes a reality if you have fully prepared for it and you have grown into the stature required for the activation of the experience. People do think thier prayers and services make God to do new things in thier lives there are no new things beyond that which God has purposed for your life, it is new to you because you have not experienced it. The Agenda of God to recover lives and virtue is center on the premise of time and availability of dependable men. It is not just about will and the desires or men but abou thet will and burden of God spread across the heart of men. This burden then snowball into movement and system will be created till the city, state or country experienced revival. This is a great teaching on the subject of revival and the process of raising men. You shall be blessed listening.

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