DOWNLOAD MP3: INTERCESSOR By Pastor Daniel Olawande (Audio)

INTERCESSOR By Pastor Daniel Olawande

DOWNLOAD MP3: INTERCESSOR By Pastor Daniel Olawande (Audio) 4

How do you think a society will be without security officers and law enforcement agencies? Such society will surely be prone to numerous dangers and loss of life and property. The unavailability of an Intercessor in a family, clan or region can be likened to the deadly situation of not having security officers to watch over a given territory. Intercessors are spiritual watchmen that watch over the boundaries of their families, churches, states and nation. They remind God of His promises to humanity and provoke His hands in the time of need. There must be an intercessor who can stand between God and a given situation to declare his/her intentions on the matter. Intercessors are the gatekeepers that pray away evil from the land, they travail in the place of prayer to prevent their land from being a prey to the enemy. Although the grace of God empowers human to function, it is the personal decision of man that made them to become a dependable watchman. You can not know God this much and have your family, friends, state and country suffer in the hand the devil. However, unless you intercede you don’t have anybody to be blamed. Listen to this message and your understanding will increased on the matter of intercession.

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