[Download Mp3] The Agony of Wasted Opportunities – Bro. Gbile Akanni

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Sermon title: The Agony of Wasted Opportunities
Preacher: Bro Gbile Akanni

Duration: 1 hour. 50 Minutes

File size: 43MB


[Download Mp3] The Agony of Wasted Opportunities - Bro. Gbile Akanni 1


Summary of Agony Of Wasted Opportunities by Bro. Gbile Akanni 

Looking at the life of Joshua, you will see the agony of years exhausted but unfinished task, the agony of an open heaven that was wasted.

God has given you an opportunity to do something in your generation, but it can be wasted or diverted such that God’s own result is not achieved. it is important for you to plead for grace not to waste your opportunity.

For Joshua, God gave him an uncontested, unlimited opportunity to do something for Him and to cause His will to be done.

God sent the hailstones and made the sun to stand still for him yet he did not maximise it, to the extent that at the later end of his life, God has to announced to him that he is old yet there are still very much land to posses.

You see, ignorant people may not know the length and breath of what God has called you to do but will be clapping and celebrating you based on their faulty and incomplete information. Your cry should be, oh God, don’t let it be that at my old age, when my useful years has finished you then begin to show me what I should have done that I didn’t do.

You may be doing something in God’s name but have you heard God’s verdict? The gift that God deposited in you, and the sword He kept in your hand, what have you accomplished with them?

This your celebration is over what?

Maybe you have wasted God’s open heaven.
If God gives you another open heaven, what will you do with it?

May what God has called you to do in your generation not die in your stomach.

If you have wasted your opportunity, plead with God for a second chance.

[Download Mp3] The Agony of Wasted Opportunities - Bro. Gbile Akanni 1

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  1. I want to give glory,honour and adoration to Yeshua, I had an ugly past and I found christ some years back but didn’t understand what it meant to be a born again my lifestyle Is not that of an unbeliever,however, I met with a Christian sister who forwarded daddy gbile akanni message to me which I didn’t waste time to download, wow!I was indeed blessed…..now am experiencing what it really means to found Jesus and I pray for more grace to follow him( Jesus christ) Amen

    Thank you sir daddy gbile Akanni, you’re a great man of God, more unction to function sir and the anointing upon ur head will never run dry in Jesus mighty name. Amen

  2. I am blessed by the message. Kindly add me to your mailing list. I am a direct recipient of Bro. Gbile’s prophecy. I attended a programme in Gboko in 2008 and introduced myself as Senior District Secretary but when he announced my name he called me SECRETARY GENERAL and the following year, I became Secretary General of my Church worldwide. Praise God. Joseph OGUNLUSI.

  3. Thanks for this good work. I have been blessed with Papa’s messages and I need more of his messages.
    Please, admin add me to the group.

    Thank you.

  4. Hi, we’ve updated the download link ma
    Kindly redownload and let us know if you encounter any trouble.
    Thanks ma

  5. How can a person knows he that God called him?
    Secondly, is there different from spiritual gift and calling …

    • Ok there are types of calls which includes; call to salvation Matthew 4:18-22, call to be with the lord for making Luke 9:23 and call for service and they are of different level and one can only be called to be with the lord if he has answered the call to salvation and no one can be called to service unless he has been called to be with the lord and has been approved to serve by the lord

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