DOWNLOAD MP3: THE ESSENCE OF TRAVAIL PART 1 & 2 by Apostle Michael Orokpo (Audio)

THE ESSENCE OF TRAVAIL PART 1 & 2 by Apostle Michael Orokpo

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An effective Prayer is the act of total submission to the help of God. Anyone who prays has resolved within his /herself that there is a need for a divine intervention in his/her life and believe that God can do it. Although so many people come onto God for different reasons and based on different ideologies. Some people pray onto God because they have heard or seen that by praying some people were helped and were delivered from thier situations, so they thought that will be their case too. Although if it takes longer time before God respond to the request of these people, they mostly consider many other alternatives. Those with genuine hearts pray onto God not just because  they have heard or seen but because they know He can do what they want and that He will do it. This ideology is what distinguish between those who pray and those that travail. Travailing is an act of persistence submission to the help of God through prayers with hope of getting a desired result according to will of God. You can not conclude that God can not or did not want to do something just because you prayed once,twice or many other times. Jesus adviced His congregation and us the present generation to pray without ceasing and illustrated this with several stories. Travailing build up your holy faith. When you travail you get access to so many other kingdom principles that you may have not even pray for at all. Here is a deep teaching on the essence of travailing that will bless you real good.Click the links below to download the sermon now 



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