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When we talk about holiness, we talk about thing that is necessary for us to win every battle against our enemies. For us to be what God intend us to be, for us to stand and lift up our heads among our colleagues, above principalities and powers and still be able to take our stand. When God help us to see it, we will know that it is a glorious thing, something we should desire and invest all our lives on.

What make the difference is whether God is present in a man’s live or not. The different is not that somebody is huge, articulate, very academic and learned, no, that is not what brings victory into the lives of a men. Ecclesiastes 9:11.
One condition to see God in our lives everyday, for God to go with us, move in us, for us to be victorious, is that He is able to walk freely in our lives. Since God is God, never change, nothing can oppress or confuse Him anywhere, He is just whom He is, there is need for us to know that we need to adjust our lives.

A general overview of the scriptures from verse one is that God had called us into grace, we were able to achieved what ordinarily difficult for people to achieve, God decides to turn His eyes on us to do something tangible, God is bringing us to a privilege position by His grace.
How people outside, the angels and the elders that have gone before us are eagerly telling God to see the kind of what He bestowed on us. God has called us into something great, something glorious, it is the call of God that brought us to Jesus Christ to be born again. God has not call to disgrace you, let you down, or to frustrate you at all.
The Bible says God has called us to become the partakers of divine nature, glory, virtue, something great and wonderful, all these, not because we bribe God, we did not do anything to merit it, He gives us by His grace.

Don’t let us waste the grace of God, so many of us have wasted a lot of opportunities and grace, it is just like God had made mistake for His grace on us, but He had not regretted, at a time like this the Holy Spirit out of love still want us to discover our divine inheritance, the secret of God’s calling on our lives.
When people talk about holiness, they think it is for some kind of people that are struggling.
Holiness is not for people that are struggling, sad or confused. I don’t see your victory when you are not living right, I don’t see how great your faith is when the power of God is not in you in holiness and righteousness.

The Bible says our God is glorious in holiness. The glory of God manifested in holiness. God is telling us that this is an acceptable time and the day of our salvation, we should not take it for granted.
The need for holiness is something to behold. Many people are sick, confused, barren and poor because God has no place hold in their lives. Don’t allow the grace of God to fall away from you, don’t let it be useless in your life, maximize the grace of God.
When we are reading Bible we need to ask why God is telling us not to be unequally yoked together with unbelievers, that what concord hath Christ with Belial. It means if we want to live a holy life there is something we want to get in it.

It means we want to be in His presence everywhere we go. If a commissioner decide to visit your house for one hour you know how you will make everywhere clean. Almighty God is saying I want to dwell in you, I don’t want to be an occasional visitor. God is saying I want to walk in them, I want to do all my business in them, I want to do everything in them. It means if you are going somewhere He will like to go with you.
If He asked us to separate our lives from the world, it is not without bases, there is wherefore before everything. If we pursue holiness without wherefore it will soon be cumbersome. If we say let us be holy, for what purpose.
If you don’t know the reason for holiness, you will enter into some rules and regulations, not to do this, not to touch that but if you know the reason, you will know it is because of glorious experience, I want to separate myself unto the living God.

If I decide not to live in sin, it is because He that want to live in me is of a purer eyes, His eyes cannot behold iniquity.
I need to separate myself because the Lord had said He want to dwell in me and receive me, this is not an empty promise, because at the end of 2 Corinthians 6:8, God Himself signed it as the Lord Almighty.

From now on, I want you to recognise and walk among men that you are not an ordinary man, that somebody is dwelling in you. If devil want to lure you into sin or the world is trying to invite you into a useless place, you will say sorry,
I have a resident boss I can’t have Him within me and go around with you again, I can’t misbehave again. If demons are oppressing others, you will tell them demon cannot oppress you because the Lord Almighty is dwelling in you. I want to be holy because He will dwell in me, He will be my Father and I be His son and daughter.

There is different between activity and Jesus, He says Christ in you the hope of glory.

The message of holiness is for the dearly beloved. God is asking you to separate yourself because you are dearly beloved, if God does not love you, He will leave you with whatever you are doing.

If Holy Spirit is correcting you whenever you want to do any wrong thing, it is because you are dearly beloved.
Others that God has lost interest in can do it and felt nothing but Holy Spirit will not allow you because you are dearly beloved. The message of holiness is not just meant for men, but God speak it to people He loves. Hebrew 12:6-14.

Numbers 9:15-17, 21-23; 10:33-36; 22:1-6; 23:1-3,8-16,19-22; 24:1-25; Psalms 91:1-16
1. You will abide under the shadow and cover of the Almighty
2. God will find a resting place for you.
3. God will become enemy to your enemies.
4. You are no more an ordinary man.
5. You will gather the spoil of the enemy.
6. Your enemies will be afraid of you.
7. No one will be able to curse you.
8. Enemy will not be able to catch you.
9. Devil cannot reverse your blessing.
10. The shout of joy will be in your house.
11. Your enemies will bless you.
12. Enemies will not conquer you.

Obstacle to the presence of God is sin. Sin separate the presence of God from someone. The beauty of the church is the holiness, when there is sin we are naked, and our beauty is turned to ashes.
People are doing a lot of things in the church but they cannot obey simple commandment, obedient is better than sacrifice. You need to check your position if His presence is still with you.

The presence of God left you long time ago because of the sacrifices of the Moabite (sin) you are eating. (Number 25:1-9). Anger, malice, lie, immortality etc in you are the sacrifices of Moabite.
Many men of God have falling flat because Balak has sponsored sin in their lives. The battle that is against your life is coming at night when you are sleeping, enemy has spied your weak point. You might still be speaking in tongues but devil knows when the glory of God departed from you.

Many live holy life in the day but at night what are you, we do good in the presence of men but in their absence what are you doing. Some couples are doing things separately, not greeting themselves, the devil has sponsored it to pull you down.
If others are spending their divine inheritance on little enjoyment, do not follow them, our calling as Christian is not that of talkativeness but for glory, virtue and action. If you want to ruin your life you can throw this message away, the Bible says without holiness no man shall see the Lord. You are facing a lot of things today because sin has separated you from God. Set yourself apart for Him today because you are dearly beloved, He wants to dwell in you, walk in you, be your father and you be His sons and daughters.

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Bro. Gbile Akanni is a renowned Nigerian Preacher, author and teacher of the Word. He is the president of Living Seed, a trans-denominational ministry which is situated at Gboko, Benue State Nigeria. This great man of God is known for his in-depth knowledge of the word of God and undying passion for the souls of men.


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