DOWNLOAD MP3: THE SUBJECT OF FAITH By Apostle Joshua Selman (Audio)

THE SUBJECT OF FAITH By Apostle Joshua SelmanDOWNLOAD MP3: THE SUBJECT OF FAITH By Apostle Joshua Selman (Audio) 4

The main anchor on which our confession rest as christian is Faith. Without Faith, It is impossible to please God. Without Faith, it is impossible to even know God in the right way. When you do not have faith, you will find it difficult to satisfy God’s principles that guide the life of man kind. Many are the tribulations that folks face these days that are as a result of lack of faith. Not just the faith to receive something from God, but even the faith to trust in the love of God that although things are not in the way they thought it should be, God is still able to make things right. The four Hebrew men when thrown into the burning furnace did not have faith that God will automatically deliver them. They rather said, if pleases the Lord to deliver them, they are fine and if God did not deliver them it was not because God can not deliver them but He chose not to deliver them for purpose but they will not worship a strange God. If you do not know the subject of faith, you will not know how to increase it and grow into the stature if Christ. This is well detailed teaching that will broaden your horizon on the subject of faith and application. God bless you and open your understanding as you listen.

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