DOWNLOAD MP3: WISDOM OF JESUS By Pastor Daniel Olawande (Audio)

WISDOM OF JESUS By Pastor Daniel Olawande

DOWNLOAD MP3: WISDOM OF JESUS By Pastor Daniel Olawande (Audio) 2

Jesus Christ is the wisdom of God given to man that we may be wise spiritually. It is not scriptural for you as a child of God to live with foolish mentality and waste in mediocrity. The knowledge of the personality of Christ is capable of transforming you into a person of great wisdom. Many people thought because they pray, then they will have dominion and cover large territory, though, God’s provision is unlimited, your capacity will determine how well you will utilize the gift of God. It was recorded of Jesus Christ that at His early stage, He devoted His time to learning in the synagogue and asking questions building His human intelligence so that the divine intelligence will propel Him into a realm far beyond human reason. There is a need for you to study the word of Jesus and emulate His lifestyle if you will live and walk in the reality of His wisdom. The major causes of unrest in the mind of people in the world is lack of the wisdom of Jesus. Jesus in one of His word said” do not let your heart be disturbed, believe in God and believe in me also”. In other word, though you face many challenges and filled with many desires, do not be afraid or live like unbeliever, search into my wisdom and have faith as it leads you to God for solutions. Here is a deep teaching on the wisdom of Christ and I believe you will be richly blessed.

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