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Sermon by: Bro. Gbile Akanni
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Romans 12:1-2, Malachi 1:6-14
It means the service that is reasonable. We are often preoccupied with so many activities that we regard as reasonable. God only considers what is reasonable to HIM.
God is longing for something in the life of His people, but He does not take anything, anyhow. The question is -what would be my reasonable service unto the Lord, what would I offer to the Lord that God will say this is a reasonable sacrifice.

It will be a tragedy at the end of everything when a man suppose to meet God for his reward and God will say ‘you are unreasonable in all your life’.
Today, we shall be examining what will be reasonable in the eyes of God.

In Mal 1: 6-14 God protested against His people for bringing Him unreasonable service/detestable offerings.
It is not everything that we engage in that meets God’s taste. How terrible would it be to offer God unreasonable service throughout one’s lifetime!
God was addressing the priest about what He desired from them. He said they offered polluted bread and things they would not ordinarily eat or take. This served as an insult to Him.e. g blind animals. God even asked them to give same to their Governors/kings if such would be accepted.

We need to note that: not every offering is a reasonable one and not every sacrifice would be accepted to God who has His own taste and standard. God longs for service and does not take just anything anyhow.
The question to ask is “what would be my reasonable service to God”? In Isaiah 66, God expressed what He considered reasonable.

There are certain things we do that God does not recognise as being good but appear like insults to Him. God values a man who does not take His word with levity, who trembles at His word, a man of contrite spirit.
Psalm 51:16 says the sacrifices of God are a broken Spirit and a contrite heart He will not despise.

Rom 12:1-2. God never demands a sacrifice from those that are not His children. If your name is not in the book of life, whatever activity you do is an abomination.
God was not interested in Cain because of his evil heart. “I beseech you therefore brethren “. Are you a brother/sister? God could not look at Cain not because he brought small sets of yams to Him [as some preachers say while taking offerings], but his heart was considered as incorrect.

Simon the sorcerer wanted to buy God’s anointing with money but peter was able to discern his evil heart and told him he would perish with his money. Some so called ministers of God do not mind the source of their offerings. God takes nothing from the abominable.
Sacrifices of God is not something you bring out when your life is out of His authority. God never demand a sacrifice from those who are not His children, their sacrifices and prayers are abomination to God.
If you are not one of His children, no matter how religious you are or activity, you are an abomination unto God. God was not interested in the offering if Cain because he was an evil one, he had a wicked heart. God does not take things from a wrong man, abominable, self will man and an arrogant man.
A reasonable sacrifice is a service from one that is redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, a genuinely born again Christian, that is broken, who is not a liar, hypocrite or those that are weakening the church of God.

Let me also remind you that this is a deliberate instruction from God to man, knowing that we may want to keep our body away from him by offering money or valuable things instead.

The only reasonable service we can give God is to say “yes LORD” at the ALTAR.

If you are in shackle of bitterness, sin rule over you, hypocrite, Jesus is calling you. Paul despite his tribe, knowledge and zeal for tradition he was not useful until Damascus experience, you must come into Damascus experience today, harden not your heart, surrender your life to Jesus, give Him your totality and completely hand over your life to God, this is your reasonable sacrifice.
Song: {Are you in the number ×3
Save by His grace}×2

1. O Lord tie me on Your altar until I become what You want of me, in Jesus name.
2. O Lord, take ownership of my life and use me as it pleases You, in Jesus name.

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Bro. Gbile Akanni is a renowned Nigerian Preacher, author and teacher of the Word. He is the president of Living Seed, a trans-denominational ministry which is situated at Gboko, Benue State Nigeria. This great man of God is known for his in-depth knowledge of the word of God and undying passion for the souls of men.


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