Read this Powerful Article “Dying Empty” by Ifeoluwa Fatoki (The Champions Series 52)

Dying Empty

Read this Powerful Article "Dying Empty" by Ifeoluwa Fatoki (The Champions Series 52) 3


Everyone exists, but not everyone truly lives.

Myles Munroe was right when he said that “the grave is the richest place on earth.”

Humanity has seen thousands and thousands of people since inception, but what preserves the memory of those we remember today is basically what they did while they were alive.

“Everybody will die, but maybe not everybody would have truly lived before dying.”

Dying empty is not just an event. It is a culmination of a series of events hinged on intentional living. To die empty, we cannot neglect the question of purpose.

Man is a being of purpose. He was created with an intention.

In a bid to die empty, we must pay close attention to the “3Ds of purpose”.

3D’s of Purpose

  1. Discovering Purpose.
  2. Developing Purpose.
  3. Deploying Purpose.


Until we have discovered the purpose for living, dying empty will be mere and empty talk.

I submit to you, that God sent you here to fulfil just that. There are many pointers to the discovery of purpose.

Nigerian Lawyer, and purpose-discovery expert, Ifeoluwa Alabi opines that purpose can be discovered using the acronym “SHAPE” –
S– Spiritual gifts
H– Heart (Passion)
A– Aptitude (Abilities)
P– Personality
E– Experience

Ultimately, the question of purpose is the question of the reason for life. I agree with American bestselling author, Max Lucado, when he said “we will never find the meaning of life, until we find the Author of Life.”

I say to you, friend, in simple terms, that your purpose is simply “God’s message to the world through you.”

Do you know why God made you??


Discovering purpose is not enough. It must be developed. It is the conscious effort to interpret your purpose into the framework that gives it a physical expression.

Nurturing purpose is work. This is where many miss out. It encompasses spiritual, physical and intellectual work. From study to research, and submitting oneself under people who have a proven track-record of success.

The lazy, who does not develop his purpose cannot die empty.


Having discovered and developer purpose, it must be deployed. This is simply, presenting your purpose in the context where it is needed.

Mankind has enough words for this, from branding to marketing, but whatever means you choose to employ, ensure you deploy your purpose.

In conclusion, people who die empty have an understanding of times and an eye for opportunities.

We must realize that we do not have all the time in the world, and must hence live in a way that makes every moment count.

We must give a sense of value to every passing second, making the most of every opportunity along the line.

I leave you with the words of Abraham Lincoln, “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

So don’t just exist.

Live before you die!

Ifeoluwa Fatoki.

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