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Hilary Ashikabe


Sermon by: Bro. Hilary Ashikabe

Title: God’s Resource center


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Bro. Hilary Ashikabe BIOGRAPHY

Brother Hilary Ashikabe is well known is the Coordinator, Aglow Revival and discipleship Retreat, Lagos.

A ministry committed to *Revival, leadership, missions, intercession and discipleship* making and training in the body of Christ world wide for the past 9 years. The ministry is committed into raising kingdom making believers and several of such men have being made and are being made.

With the Aglow revival team, they run *weekly discipleship trainings, monthly Sunday Evening fellowships, Marriage conferences, Teenagers and youths congresses (TYC), mission outreaches into several islands and rural areas.*

Hundreds of several messages that has transformed lives he has preached from several campuses , camps ,retreat , conferences and Church services. Such as
1.The little city church, 2.The weaponless church,
3.The misunderstood Goodness of God
4.Destination Christ
5. The marriage the king made for His son.part 1-4
6. Table tennis of marriage

7. Revelations from the book of Revelation – part 1-33
8. When Kings go to war 1-3

9. The ten virgins and end time oil sellers

10. You can miss heaven and nothing will happen part 1-6.

11. The body of Moses part 1-5

12. The call unto discipleship

12. The nature and manner of the life of Jesus.

13. End time prophetic series 1-4
The ministry impacts passion, hunger, longing and the quest for more and More of his presence and power to be like Jesus in discipleship creating mission &Evangelism awareness as our supreme task.

Hilary Ashikabe for the Aglow Revival Team


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