NEW: Download All Lawrence Oyor Messages & Audio Sermons Right Here [Updated]

Lawrence Oyor Messages Download

NEW: Download All Lawrence Oyor Messages & Audio Sermons Right Here [Updated] 3

Looking for a website to download Lawrence Oyor messages and Audio Sermons on your smartphone or laptop?

You will find them here…..!

Just click on any of the below title. The download will start immediately…

  1. Commanding Supernatural Results Through Prayer (12mb)
  2. Glory and Power (33mb)
  3. Heralding the Move for a Generation (24mb)
  4. How God Used My Lust to Get My Attention (26mb)
  5. How I Fell in Love with Prayer (9mb)
  6. How to Build Your Prayer Life (46mb)
  7. How to Deal with Addictions (12mb)
  8. How to Die to the Flesh (26mb)
  9. How to Hear the Voice of God (26mb)
  10. Impartation for Double Portion (36mb)
  11. Atmosphere of Prayer (22mb)
  12. Click Here to Download All Lawrence Oyor SONGS/CHANTS
  13. Let The Children Come to Jesus (14mb)
  14. God Wants to be Known (23mb)
  15. Prophecy Vs Sacrifice (21mb)
  16. Restlessness Part 1 (18mb)
  17. Restlessness Part 2 (20mb)
  18. What Made Elijah Who He Was (31mb)
  19. Why You Need to Die to the Flesh (18mb)
  20. Catching the Fire (66mb)
  21. How I Started My Ministry (22mb)
  22. Keys to the Building of God (26mb)
  23. Confessions (21mb)
  24. Heart to Heart Talk (35mb)
  25. The Cost of Love (11mb)
  26. Spirit DNA (3mb)



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