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Prophetic Prayer Education by Apostle Arome Osayi MP3

Apostle Arome Osayi

The calling of God upon a particular set of men varies. He distinctively positions different graces upon their lives, different scope of focus, different congregational influence and different passion to individually carry out their respective responsibilities and bear the burdens of such assignment within the confines of their coverage, their reach and their territorial tentacles and field of operation. This is so cutely done in such a divinely inspired design to consciously avert any possibility of a clash in interest of either ministerial call, congregational coverage and influence, or interest of message-focus.

But this calling does not as a matter of urgency manifest in its matured state of operation. It grows from stage to stage, from a particular range of coverage to another, from one growth in expression to another, from one level of experience to another, from one level of maturity to another, so that when God addresses that man at intervals, He does so as His son, but also at the level and upon the capacity of a measured category worthy of his present state and position of ministerial growth in capacity, character formation, effective stamina and spiritual intelligence attained.

So when a believer is addressed in a capacity as, “son of man,” that categorical positioning means different things to different people. It reveals its en…

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