(Powerful) Apostle Joshua Selman Prayer Points for Breakthrough, Mercy, Favour & Destiny Helpers

Apostle Joshua Selman Prayer Points for Mercy, Favour, Breakthrough & Destiny Helpers

  1. Lord, one more time visit this issue of limitation in my life and family. Let your fire come upon it.
  2. Oh God, whoever is that certain man that must appear in my destiny, I compel them to come.
  3. Oh Lord, whoever must appear to change my financial destiny, I receive their ministry in Jesus Name.
  4. Oh God, where is the certain man for my next level, let him come into my life.
  5. Oh Lord, send the man that can believe in me and announce what you have invested in my life.
  6. In the name of Jesus, I speak to the east, west, north and south; Everywhere my favour is, in the name of Jesus, I command it to my life now.
  7. In the name of Jesus, every gate closing against my destiny, be open now!.
  8. Lord any man that sees my face, let that anointing for favour be activated. Their contact with my face will command favour. Access to the heart of kings and nobles.
  9. Lord begin to exalt me by your mantle of favour.
  10. Lord I open the gates of my destiny to favour. All kinds of people, even strangers.
  11. Lord by favour, I receive restoration.
  12. Call those things that are supposed to be in your destiny. Call them to appear by the mantle of favour.
  13. Lord every destiny helper that has left my life before must appear in my destiny again.
  14. (Call someone’s name) By the power mandated upon my life, I call forth favour upon your life.
  15. (Walk around) As I walk upon this ground, wherever my helper is, I call you by prophecy, come into my life.
  16. Wherever they are, I use the Earth as a token of prophecy, locate my helper, spiritual, financial etc.
  17. Oh Earth, hear the Word of the Lord; I have a covenant of peace. Every business and helper upon the ground, be at peace with me and my destiny. Everywhere you see me, answer to me. No longer will resources run away from me, they come to me in abundance.
  18. Every signature of hardship and misfortune this year is buried. It comes to an end in Jesus name.
  19. By the mantle of favour, any man who sees me must desire to help and bless me.
    Everything dying in my hands, jack back to life in the name of Jesus.
  20. I receive the Grace that makes men accomplish so much within short time. That favour will bring speed to my life in Jesus name.
  21. Father, today I receive this mantle of favour. Mantle of favour, I command you; begin to speak; speak to the North, South, East and West. I command you to attract to my life people, opportunities and resources in the name of Jesus.

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