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The realm of the spirit is the realm that works with very definite spiritual laws, it does not leave any chance to guess word and initiating of anything by man’s opinion. There are spiritual laws that must be followed for anything to be accessed in the realm of the spirit.

To make an atonement is to satisfy someone or something for an offense committed by paying a price. The Function of blood is to atone for someone over judgement.

When Jesus was hung on the tree, His blood was dripping, it was his life that was giving way, He look at them and said it is finished and died. He went to pit of hell and collected the key Satan has collected from Adam and went to prison to release those who were bond.

Whenever you call on the blood of Jesus, you are calling on the…

In this teaching, you will learn more about the potency of the Blood of Jesus, and how to engage it for your personal and territorial victory.

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