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The Call To A Custodian By Apostle Arome Osayi MP3

Apostle Arome Osayi

When there is a feedback from heaven in form of revelation that is intended to facilitate your operation in the regards of your call, it means you have been designated and assigned as such.

Operating within this, you don’t need to be like some other person, you just need to be and operate as the very one God has made you to be, maintaining your originality and genuineness, your very peculiarity, and uniqueness.

There are differences between the business of humans and spirits and there are certain things that you need someone who is a custodian in the spirit realm to handle. Someone who has made a name, who has a reputation, who has gained respect and mastery in their field.

When the demons spoke out in confirmation, they said, “…Paul I know, Jesus I know, who are you?…” It expresses a certainty in the identity of Paul who has gained custodianship in the spirit realm. It also expressed that ce…

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