Download MP3: The Enemy Unveiled by Bro Gbile Akanni


Download THE ENEMY UNVEILED mp3 by Bro Gbile Akanni

Download MP3: The Enemy Unveiled by Bro Gbile Akanni 1

The utmost desire and configuration of Satan the devil has never changed in any format possible. His mission has always been to steal, to kill and to destroy. That means whenever the devil is in his good mood, he steals, when he’s about upset he kills, and when he is infuriated he destroys.

His strategies have always been quite subtle and he has crept into the church to influence the body of Christ. He prefers to turn families into a wilderness. He inflicts hate, confusion, rage, unforgiveness in the hearts of family members. He never gets any friendlier to the body of Christ. And once he has gotten the family circle, he has crept into the church at large. Not that alone, satan also…

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