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To deny yourself means to forget self, put aside desires and conveniences, reject himself, leave self behind, give up all right to himself, vacate the driver’s seat, disown himself, to reject himself etc. Not to deny his things but himself. To be a disciple of Jesus, to forget himself means. To give up all right to himself means to give yourself away not having right to it again, not to have right to be yourself.

It is however a voluntary release meaning human right release of yourself. Jesus can do anything with your life and no prior consultation with you. To be a genuine follower of Christ, all rights must be given to Jesus voluntarily. The implication of this is not hidden so you need to make a choice whether to give up all rights or not. A life that is dead does not have any right again. Every born again life must experience death. Part of what you accepted is to die to self.

We have always given people a false impression about being born again whereas Jesus is saying he never knew them.
Jesus is not a sales man who does not give you a side effect of every decision you make. He is asking a question; will you also go? Peter made the choice at the time of test during Jesus’ crucification, and he started crying. God is not asking u to make this choice on the resources of self life because self cannot do it. A man that has not experienced death of the old nature can never get the ru… You can’t afford to miss this powerful teaching!

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