MP3: Download Theophilus Sunday 2022 Songs, Chants & Live Performance

Theophilus Sunday 2022 Songs, Chants, and Live Performance MP3 Download

Theophilus Sunday Songs 2022 Download

Do you want to download Theophilus Sunday 2022 Songs, Chants & Live Performance MP3?
Everything you need is on this page, from January to December!
Just click on any of the below titles. The download will start in less than 1 second.

January 2022 Songs

  1. Half Hour Worship (16mb)
  2. I Speak Spirit (6mb)
  3. Live Ministration in Ghana (7mb)
  4. Min. Theophilus ft. Apostle Arome Osayi at RCN Ghana (39mb)
  5. The Glory of the Holy One (14mb)
  6. Live Ministration at Hunger & Thirst (6mb)
  7. Min. Theophilus ft. Apostle Gideon Odoma- Holy Fire Burn Upon My Altar (11mb)
  8. Min. Theophilus Worship Songs 2022 Compilation (43mb)

February to April 2022 Songs

  1. Ah Ah Eh (3mb)
  2. Bridging the Gap (19mb)
  3. Emmanuel (3mb)
  4. I Lay My Life Before You, Lord! (4mb)
  5. I Speak Spirit (6mb)
  6. inTIMACY (13mb)
  7. Let Me Not Go Round Nations and in the End You Do Not Know Me! (2mb)
  8. Overflow 2022 Day 6 (6mb)
  9. My Lover is Calling Me (8mb)
  10. Live Ministration at Community Bible Study Lagos (10mb)
  11. The Convergence 2022 Day 1 Morning (14mb)
  12. Live Ministration in Ghana (7mb)
  13. Live Ministration in Kenya (29mb)
  14. Live Ministration in Overflow Conference 2022 (7mb)
  15. New Wine (7mb)
  16. No Glory in this World (6mb)
  17. Only Yeshua (11mb)
  18. Open My Ears (7mb)
  19. Pentecostal (2mb)
  20. Ruach Elohim (18mb)
  21. Saints Arise (3mb)
  22. The Convergence 2022 Day 2 Morning (16mb)
  23. Live Ministration ft. Kaestrings in Asaba (30mb)
  24. True Soldier (7mb)
  25. Yeshua (1mb)
  26. You Will Never Ever Fail (2mb)

May to July 2022 Songs

  1. Abuja Word Count (17mb)
  2. Apostolic Empowerment Conference Day 1 (11mb)
  3. Apostolic Empowerment Conference Day 2 (15mb)
  4. Bridging The Gap RCN Lagos (19mb)
  5. City Of Refuge International (9mb)
  6. International Eagle Conference Day 4 (9mb)
  7. International Eagle Conference Day 2022 (9mb)
  8. International Eagle Conference Day Grand Finale (5mb)
  9. Kingdom Come Conference Day 1 (15mb)
  10. Remnant Hour Ghana (7mb)
  11. School Of Prophets Day 1 (7mb)
  12. School Of Prophets Day 2 (6mb)
  13. We Will Never Bow Down To Babylon And Its Gold (3mb)
  14. Eastern Apostolic Invasion (14mb)
  15. Evening Sacrifice (35mb)

August 2022 Songs

  1. The Way Of The Prophet (14mb)
  2. RCN Warri (16mb)
  3. Oh Flesh Be Gone Away (4mb)
  4. Stages Of Revival (13mb)
  5. The Way Of The Prophet Day 3 (13mb)
  6. A Message To Modern Christians  (18mb)
  7. On The Side Of The Lord (15mb)

September 2022 Songs 

  1. Revival House Of Glory International RHOGIC (22mb)
  2. KAIROS The Convergence (12mb)
  3. KAIROS DAY 2 The Convergence (20mb)
  4. Prayer Summit RCCG The Kings Court (14mb)
  5. Saviour Peculiar Church Of Glory (7mb)

October 2022 Songs

  1. Prayer Summit Day 2 (11mb)
  2. Benin Fire Conference (25mb)
  3. ADUA- Prayer (5mb)
  4. Along The Way – Charles Lakpini Feat Theophilus Sunday (4mb)
  5. Believer’s Equip Conference Day 1(10mb)

November 2022 Songs

  1. RCN Ibadan Prophetic And Apostolic Summit (7mb)
  2. Satisfied (4mb)
  3. Ft Tony Richie- THE TRUE WORSHIPPERS (25mb)
  4. Festival Of Glory Day 4 (9mb)
  5. Festival Of Glory (16mb)
  6. Festival Of Glory Day 4 Evening Session (14mb)

December 2022 Songs 

  1. Festival Of Glory Grand Finale (12mb)
  2. Bread And Wine Conference (10mb)
  3. Festival Of Signs And Wonders (14mb)
  4. Empowerment Conference Day 1(12mb)
  5. Signs And Wonders  (21mb)
  6. Ft Pst-Nathaniel-Bassey – THERE Is A Place (5mb)
  7. Apostolic Empowerment Day 2 (15mb)
  8. Apostolic Empowerment Conference Grand Finale (13mb)

2023 Songs 

  1. Jesus I Want Your Heart (6mb)
  2. Ft Lawrence Oyor MY DADDY MY DADDY Compilation (6mb)
  3. Ft Esther Oji – YOU REIGN FOREVER Compilation (11mb)
  4. Flesh Be Gone Away (9mb)
  5. Break Forth – Christ House Church Sokoto (14mb)
  6. Break Forth- Day 2 (12mb)
  7. Break Forth Grand Finale (26mb)
  8. Cameroon Apostolic Invassion Day 1 (23mb)
  9. Cameroon Apostolic Invassion Day 2 (9mb)
  10. Cameroon Apostolic Invassion Day 3 (16mb)
  11. Limbe Apostolic Invasion Day 1 (18mb)
  12. Apostolic Invasion Limbe Day-2 Morning Session (12mb)
  13. My Most Holy Faith – Tongues Chants (14mb)
  14. My Soul Bless The Lord – Tongues Chants (14mb)
  15. Sounds of Angels – Tongues Chants (14mb)
  16. Spontaneous Worship – Tongues Chants (15mb)
  17. Hunger Thirst For You -Tongues Chants (2mb)
  18. I Will Call Upon Your Name – Tongues Chants (21mb)
  19. Morning Worship – Tongues Chants (31mb)
  20. Spirit Fire Men Up – Tongues Chants (6mb)
  21. Strength Renewal – Tongues Chants (14mb)
  22. You Are All I Wan – Tongues Chants (25mb)
  23. The Atmosphere of Jesus – Tongues Chants (22mb)
  24. New Wine Minister – Tongues Chants (14mb)
  25. I See Jesus Minister- Tongues Chants (14mb)
  26. A Living Sacrifice – Tongues Chants (20mb)

April 2023 Songs

  1. Beyond The Upper Room – Tongues Chants (23mb)
  2. Chants-of-Intimacy- Tongues Chants (22mb)
  3. I Love Your Presence O Lord (6mb)
  4. Run My Life Minister – Tongues Chants (20mb)
  5. The Atmosphere of Jesus (22mb)
  6. The Praying Spirit – Tongues Chants (29mb)
  7. I Will Keep Chasing After You – Tongues Chants (13mb)
  8. My Soul Magnify The Lord – Tongues Chants (20mb)
  9. There is A Place I Am Yearning For – Tongues Chants (14mb)
  10. Yod Hay Waw Hay – Tongues Chants (13mb)
  11. Abba Father – Tongues Chants (24mb)
  12. Jesus The Son Of David – Tongues Chants (14mb)
  13. The Blood Of The Lamb – Tongues Chants (14mb)
  14. Last Wine 2023 First Ministration (20mb)

May 2023 Messages

  1. Hangout With Jesus- KENYA (24mb)
  2. Live ministration at ISOAR CONFERNCE 2023 (22mb)
  3. Live ministration At ISOAR CONFERNCE 2023 Day1 (13mb) 
  4. I Came By Prayers – Eternity In View (7mb)
  5. Rekindle With Ibitayo Jeje (33mb)
  6. We Behold -Qavah Anthem ft (6mb) 
  7. WORLD WORSHIP CONFERENCE Eternity In View-  Day 1 (9mb)
  8. WORLD WORSHIP CONFERENCE – Eternity In View DAY 2 (8mb)
  9. WORLD WORSHIP CONFERENCE – Eternity In View Day 3 (9mb)

June 2023 songs

  1. Min. Ibitayo Jeje WE NO GO REST Fuji Version (7mb)

Read This!!! Biography of Min. Theophilus Sunday

Minister Theophilus Sunday is the current Music Director (MD) of Peculiar Church of Glory, Anyigba under the leadership of Pst. John & Pst. Mrs. Juliet Onekele. The couple has been described as the spiritual parent of the Minister.

Minister Theophilus Sunday holds strongly that “It takes a man that is REVIVED to REVIVE another”. He continue to minister in several churches and platforms, especially among the youths. The latest of such meetings was the “Wonder of Worship” organized by the Youths of the Living Faith Church, Lokongoma, Lokoja, Kogi State.

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