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Download MP3: Ways and the WAY – Bro Gbile Akanni


Ways and the WAY By Bro Gbile Akanni mp3

Download MP3: Ways and the WAY - Bro Gbile Akanni 1

When you talk about a way, it could be a path to a destination, it could be an outlined path that leads to where you are desiring to go. Sometimes the word ‘way’ does not mean a physical path but a principle, a means and a method of accomplishing something. For instance, you meet a business man and he wants to give you tips unto succeeding in business, he gives you a way, and here you are not asking for a physical path but for principles, means, methods. Sometimes way could be dealing with solutions, solving different sophisticated problems,, and sometimes ways are regarded as theorems, and when applied, these sophisticated problems will find solutions.

The way is not only a path, it is both a path unto a correct destination and a principle. Let us look at the Lord Jesus who has a pathway unto fufilling your destiny, and also the principles. He is the upholding and first principle by which everything finds meaning. He is not just a principle, he is also the answer, the key to every sophisticated challenge that may c…. You can’t afford to miss this powerful teaching!

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