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WHAT IS THE GOSPEL By Rev Gideon Odoma mp3

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What is the purpose of an office?. As Paul says, I have been separated unto the Gospel of God. This is the purpose for which everything that is going on here (ministry wise) is going on. The foundation for ministry basically is the fact that you are a believer. If you’re not a Christian (believer), you don’t have any part in serving God. When you’re gonna serve God, having become a christian, you are now going to serve God on the basis of certain investments of grace that God makes into your life. We need to understand the genealogy of the concept of the Gospel.

The genealogy of the concept of the gospel has its origin all the way backwards into the garden if Eden. The very day that man fell was the very day that the process of redemption began. And that process of redemption is what is enunciated in the gospel. So Paul is saying to us that this Gospel unto which he has been separated, is a gospel that was promised beforehand by God’s holy prophets in the holy scriptures. When Paul was writing this, a new testament copies had not yet been canonized. That means, the book that we call the new testament have not yet emerged. So when Paul was referring to the gospel here, principally, he was referring to t…. You can’t afford to miss this powerful teaching!

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