Download All Apostle Christian Nwoke Audio Messages MP3 (God’s Army Global)

Download All Apostle Christian Nwoke Audio Messages MP3 (God's Army Global) 4

Christian Nwoke is the president of God’s Army Global, a unique Apostolic teaching ministry with dynamic graces. He is blessed with a deep revelational insight into God’s Word and is known for his much emphasis on righteous living. From Owerri, southeast Nigeria, his ministry is imparting several souls across the nations today through its teaching ministry known by many as gag sermons. He is married to his soulmate Juliet Christian-Nwoke a lawyer and they are blessed with two sons together, Gabriel and Derek.

Are you willing to download Apostle Christian Nwoke Messages on your mobile phone or personal computer? We have lots of sermons by the minister of God. The title and file size of each audio mp3 are specified below. Click on any of the below title and the download will start immediately:

  1. A Night Before Rapture (25mb)
  2. A Son Of Consolation (33mb)
  3. Accessing The Divine- One (22mb)
  4. Activating Angels (32mb)
  5. Activating The Power (18mb)
  6. Activities Of The Altar (26mb)
  7. Altars And Covenants (26mb)
  8. And Of His Fullness (14mb)
  9. Another Pentecost (20mb)
  10. Armour Of God Part 1 (23mb)
  11. Armour Of God Part 2 (26mb)
  12. At Thy Right Hand (25mb)
  13. Baptism Of Prayer Fire Chant (11mb)
  14. Be Free Tongues (34mb)
  15. Binding The Strong Man Part 1 (26mb)
  16. Binding The Strong Man Part 2 (23mb)
  17. Borrowed Time (33mb)
  18. Breaking The Horn Of Witchcraft (22mb)
  19. Building Spiritual Altars (23mb)
  20. Burning Lampstands (21mb)
  21. By A Mighty Hand (24mb)
  22. Civilian Kings (19mb)
  23. Congenital Warfare- The Daniel Warfare (27mb)
  24. Contending For The Blessing (16mb)
  25. Correcting Faulty Foundation (25mb)
  26. Crossing The Line (16mb)
  27. Cry For Pentecost (77mb)
  28. Cry For Spirit Locomotion (82mb)
  29. De- Activating Generational Curse (23mb)
  30. Dealing With Ancient Horns (19mb)
  31. Discerning Spirits (15mb)
  32. Dreams And Vision (22mb)
  33. Dynamics Of Spiritual Authority (46mb)
  34. End-Time Questions and Answers (22mb)
  35. Establishing Thrones In Mercy (20mb)
  36. Eternal Life In The Final Consummation (21mb)
  37. Eternal Life Series 1 (5mb)
  38. Famine Of The Word (18mb)
  39. Fire On The Altar Tongues (3mb)
  40. Foundations Part 1 (10mb)
  41. Foundation Part 2 (3mb)
  42. Four Carpenters-Horn Of The Unicorn (20mb)
  43. Generational Impact (27mb)
  44. Give Me Grace (1mb)
  45. Give Me This Mountain (13mb)
  46. Gods Rewards System (19mb)
  47. He Healed Them All (18mb)
  48. Hearing God Via Fasting And Prayers (11mb)
  49. Heralds Of Glory (28mb)
  50. How The End Shall Come (22mb)
  51. How To Discern The Voice Of God (10mb)
  52. How To Hear From God Part 1 (11mb)
  53. I Uproot All Evil Prayers (44mb)
  54. In Remembrance Of Me (14mb)
  55. Jehovah Jireh (21mb)
  56. Journey Into Destiny-Faithfulness (16mb)
  57. Judging Darkness (23mb)
  58. Kingdom Matters (9mb)
  59. Kingdom Priorities (10mb)
  60. Let Reuben Live (23mb)
  61. Lifter Of My Head (5mb)
  62. Like The Sons Of Issachar (22mb)
  63. Maintaining Thrones In Righteousness (28mb)
  64. Manifest Sonship (9mb)
  65. Maranatha-3 Days Journey (27mb)
  66. Marriage- The Mysterious Unicorn (26mb)
  67. My Faithful Martyrs (22mb)
  68. No Weapon Part 1 (18mb)
  69. No Weapon Part 2 (27mb)
  70. Obtaining The Crown Of Glory (24mb)
  71. Obtaining The Mercy Of God Part 1 (20mb)
  72. Oil For The Light (20mb)
  73. Passion Intercession For Nigeria (11mb)
  74. Part To Enlightenment (22mb)
  75. Path To Spiritual Understanding (16mb)
  76. Pathways Of The Anointing (23mb)
  77. Perilous Times (21mb)
  78. Practical Ways To Hearing The Voice God (9mb)
  79. Prayer Chant- Return From Egypt (26mb)
  80. Prayer Investors Part 1 (15mb)
  81. Priesthood And Sacrifices (24mb)
  82. Putting Angels To Work (20mb)
  83. Recovering My Star Part 1 (37mb)
  84. Recovering My Star Part 2 (28mb)
  85. Repentance- Revival And Church Restoration (19mb)
  86. Return From Egypt (21mb)
  87. Sanctified For Glory (16mb)
  88. Securing Answer To Prayers (34mb)
  89. Securing Open Heaven (18mb)
  90. Sharing In The Suffering Of Christ (21mb)
  91. Sons Of Greater Glory (18mb)
  92. Spirit And Word Worship (22mb)
  93. Spirit Moisture (19mb)
  94. Stopping The Mouth Of Lions Part 1 (21mb)
  95. Stopping The Mouth Of Lions Part 2 (23mb)
  96. Teach Me To Pray Chant (4mb)
  97. Teach Us To Pray (19mb)
  98. The Anointing Of Jerubbaal (23mb)
  99. The Ark Bearers Part 1 (19mb)
  100. The Ark Bearers Part 2 (24mb)
  101. The Battle Of Armageddon (23mb)
  102. The Blood Transportation (20mb)
  103. The Chronicles Of Revival Part 1 (21mb)
  104. The Chronicles Of Revival Part 2 (21mb)
  105. The Church Age (23mb)
  106. The Death Of Satan (15mb)
  107. The Eagles Retreat (23mb)
  108. The Eutychus Church (26mb)
  109. The Face Of God (19mb)
  110. The Great Light (16mb)
  111. The Holiness Of God (19mb)
  112. The Land Of Tub (24mb)
  113. The Living Faith (35mb)
  114. The Making Of Deliverers (26mb)
  115. The Man God Uses Part 1 (10mb)
  116. The Man God Uses Part 2 (10mb)
  117. The Man God Uses Part 3 (8mb)
  118. The Man God Uses Part 4 (7mb)
  119. The Mantle For Escape (25mb)
  120. The Midnight Cry Part 1 (16mb)
  121. The Midnight Cry Part 2 (16mb)
  122. The Ministry Of Angels (14mb)
  123. The Ministry Of Prayers (18mb)
  124. The Ministry Of Satan Exposed Part 1 (23mb)
  125. The Ministry Of Satan Exposed Part 2 (22mb)
  126. The Miracle Of Thanksgiving (20mb)
  127. The Mystery Ark Of Noah (20mb)
  128. The Mystery Of Favour (20mb)
  129. The Mystery Of The Blood Part 1 (16mb)
  130. The Mystery Of The Blood Part 2 (25mb)
  131. The Parable Of Greatness (29mb)
  132. The Passing Savior Part 1 (23.4mb)
  133. The Passing Savior Part 2 (23.5mb)
  134. The Pathway Of Glory Part 1 (24mb)
  135. The Pathway Of Glory Part 2 (25mb)
  136. The Power Of Communion (18mb)
  137. The Power Of Praying In The Spirit (20mb)
  138. The Present Kingdom Of God (19mb)
  139. The Restoration Army (21mb)
  140. The Revelation Of The End (15mb)
  141. The Rod In My Hand Part 1 (17mb)
  142. The Slaughter Of The Kings (27mb)
  143. The Spirit And The Word (16mb)
  144. The Spirit Of The Vagabond (20mb)
  145. The Spoils Of Redemption (27mb)
  146. The Sword Of The Spirit Part 1(21mb)
  147. The Sword Of The Spirit Part 2 (23mb)
  148. The Ten Virgins (23mb)
  149. The Voice Of Sacrifice (29mb)
  150. The Voice Of The Archangel (22mb)
  151. The Way Of The Eagle (18mb)
  152. The Weight Of Eternal Life (26mb)
  153. The Word Of Faith (19mb)
  154. The Portrait Of The Last Day Church (13mb)
  155. The Workaholic God – Revival And Miracles (18mb)
  156. This Kind Another Pentecost Series (20mb)
  157. Three Blessings Of Prayer (27mb)
  158. Torch Lighters Part 1 (21mb)
  159. Torch Lighters Part 2 (21.1mb)
  160. Tribulation Of A Servant King Part 1 (21.4mb)
  161. Tribulation Of A Servant King Part 2 (21.5mb)
  162. Understanding The Fire (31mb)
  163. Understanding The Kingdom (10mb)
  164. Understanding The Victory Of The Cross (9mb)
  165. Validation Of Priesthood (8mb)
  166. War In The Heavenlies (29mb)
  167. Weapons Of Righteousness (19mb)
  168. Welcome Holy Spirit Chant (6mb)
  169. What Is The Time (28mb)
  170. What They Saw In Their Time (5mb
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