Download All APOSTLE JOTHAM BOBAI Messages MP3 (Shekinah Encounter Center)

Download All APOSTLE JOTHAM BOBAI Messages MP3 (Shekinah Encounter Center) 4
Apostle Jotham Bobai Adams is a Gospel Preacher,  Teacher, Author, and Consultant. He was born in Kafanchan, Kaduna state & studied Chemical Engineering at the Federal University of Technology Minna, Niger State, Nigeria. Jotham began his work as a minister in the Fellowship of Christian Student (FCS) as an undergraduate and continued all through his mandatory national youth service. He began his public Christian ministry as a  full time preacher immediately after his mandatory National Youth Service with weekly meetings. This went on until January 19, 2020 when he started the church named Shekinah Encounter center in Lokoja, Kogi State, Nigeria. He is married to the love of his life Lydia Jotham – Adams popularly called first lady and they are blessed with a beautiful daughter Zipporah.
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  1. 10 Destructive  Daily Habits (16.6mb)
  2. 11th Hour Encounter (25.3mb)
  3. Accrediting You Voice (17.9mb)
  4. Act Of Soaking In Messages (35.12mb)
  5. Addicted To The Word Part 1 (27mb)
  6. Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit (19mb)
  7. Addicted To The Word Part 2 (29mb)
  8. Asking In Prayer (13mb)
  9. Blessed Are Those Who Are Persecuted (24mb)
  10. Great Commission Day 2 (24mb)
  11. Power Packed Prayers For The Future (26mb)
  12. Prepare To Meet Thy Saviour Part 2 (14.7mb)
  13. Seeking In Prayer (30mb)
  14. The Fields Are Ripe (16mb)
  15. How To Knock In Prayer (33mb)
  16. Prepare To Meet Thy Saviour Part 1 (18mb)
  17. Art Of Booking And Documenting (18mb)
  18. Art Of Following Part 1 (30mb)
  19. Art Of Following Part 2 (29mb)
  20. Association And Consecration (13.8mb)
  21. Atmosphere Of Peace (26mb)
  22. Attitude (23mb)
  23. Authentic Spirituality Part 2 (29mb)
  24. Authentic Spirituality Part 1 (23mb)
  25. Becoming Compatible For Encounters (Prayers and Fasting) Part 1 (19.8mb)
  26. Becoming Compatible For Encounters Part 2 (17mb)
  27. Benefits Of Service (17.8mb)
  28. Benefits Of Serving God (29mb)
  29. Blessed Are The Peacemakers (15mb)
  30. Blessed Are The Pure In Heart (17mb)
  31. Blessing Of Being Planted Part 1 (25mb)
  32. Blessing Of Being Planted Part 2 (30mb)
  33. Boosters For Disobedience (20.8mb)
  34. Breaking From The Slavery Of Sin (35mb)
  35. Breaking Transgenerational Curses (19mb)
  36. Building Character (21.9mb)
  37. Catalyst For Financial Abundance (8.6mb)
  38. Challenging Issues On Evangelism (26mb)
  39. Channels Of Spiritual Decline (21mb)
  40. Character Part 1 (27mb)
  41. Characteristics Of The Poor (19.6mb)
  42. Choice Changes Consequences (19mb)
  43. Choice Of Consecration (11.5mb)
  44. Commitment In Service (24mb)
  45. Conquering Sexual Immorality (40mb)
  46. Cost Of Obedience (20mb)
  47. Culture Of Value (25mb)
  48. Dangerous Anointing (14.7mb)
  49. Day 1 Evening Dom 2021 (31mb)
  50. Day 2 Dominion Conference 2021 (28mb)
  51. Dealing With Abusers And Bullies (24mb)
  52. Deciphering Falsehood (26mb)
  53. Dedicated Despite Distractions (28mb)
  54. Deliverance Power Of Knowledge (33mb)
  55. Demonic System For Sin (24mb)
  56. Developing And Adding Value (13mb)
  57. Developing And Testing Your Visions (38mb)
  58. Dimensions Of The Word (27mb)
  59. Doers Of The Word (19mb)
  60. Doom Of Obedience Part 2 (15.5mb)
  61. Doom Of Obedience Part 1 (18mb)
  62. Effect Of The Anointing Part 2 (19mb)
  63. Effect Of The Anointing Part 1 (19.9mb)
  64. Encounter With Helpers (35mb)
  65. Encounters And Desires (24mb)
  66. Evangelism (17mb)
  67. Exploit Of Knowledge (23mb)
  68. Faith And Patience Part 1 (25mb)
  69. Faith And Patient Part 2 (26mb)
  70. Faith And Work Part 2 (29mb)
  71. Faith And Work Part 1 (25mb)
  72. Faith For The  Impossible (16mb)
  73. Faithfulness In The Days Of Little Beginning (14mb)
  74. Fathers And Mantles (14mb)
  75. Fight For Peace (21mb)
  76. Focus (11mb)
  77. Following Due Process And Thriving (12mb)
  78. Forgiveness And Reconciliation For Peace Part 2 (30mb)
  79. Getting The Anointing (36.7mb)
  80. Gifts Of Diverse Tongues (15mb)
  81. God’s Plan Versus Man’s Plan (17mb)
  82. Growing In The Word (22mb)
  83. Healthy Daily Habits (24mb)
  84. Holy Spirit Part 1 (24mb)
  85. Holy Spirit Part 2 (22mb)
  86. How To Activate Spiritual Senses (25mb)
  87. How To Be Useful To God (24mb)
  88. How To Develop Spiritually (17mb)
  89. How To Doctor Your Spiritual Health (23mb)
  90. How To Enquire From God (18mb)
  91. How To Hear From God (19.8mb)
  92. How To Judge And Punish People (14mb)
  93. I Choose Prosperity (20mb)
  94. Ignorance (31mb)
  95. Influences On Character (22mb)
  96. Integrity (18.8mb)
  97. Intentional Change (19mb)
  98. Intimacy With The Holy Spirit (23mb)
  99. Keeping God’s Commandments (14mb)
  100. Kingdom Mentality (22mb)
  101. Knowledge And Action (15mb)
  102. Lifestyle Of Iniquity (13mb)
  103. Lifestyle Of Prayers (25mb)
  104. Living A Second Chance (17mb)
  105. Living Above Fear Part 1 (25mb)
  106. Living Above Fear Part 2 (16mb)
  107. Mastering Your Territory Part 2 (17.8mb)
  108. Mastering Your Territory Part 1 (18.7mb)
  109. Matured Minds 2020 Grand Finale Impartation Service (19mb)
  110. Maximizing Opportunities (12mb)
  111. Men Of God (34mb)
  112. Ministering Unto God (14mb)
  113. Ministry Of Helps (19mb)
  114. Mirage Of Compromise (18mb)
  115. Mystery Of Carnality Part 2 (25mb)
  116. Mystery Of Carnality Part 1 (20.9mb)
  117. Mystery Of Financial Supply (19mb)
  118. Mystery Of Impartation Part 2 (30mb)
  119. Mystery Of Impartation Part 1 (24mb)
  120. Necessities Of A Soul Winner (21mb)
  121. Order In Service (27mb)
  122. Overcoming Power Of Faith (19mb)
  123. The Role Of The Spiritual In The Great Commission (33.9mb)
  124. Persecution And Kingdom Advancement (31mb)
  125. Power Of Environment (14mb)
  126. Power Of Imagination, Images And Cravings (22mb)
  127. Power Of Information (12mb)
  128. Power Of Routines (22mb)
  129. Power Of Spiritual Timing (19mb)
  130. Power Of The Mind (23mb)
  131. Power Of The Thoughts And Transformation (18.8mb)
  132. Power Of Words (24mb)
  133. Praise And Worship (Becoming Compatible For Encounters) (31mb)
  134. Prayer And Fasting In Kingdom Advancement (6mb)
  135. Principles Of Supernatural Supply (34mb)
  136. Privilege Of Intimacy Part 2 (21mb)
  137. Privilege Of Intimacy Part 1 (17mb)
  138. Prophets (17.9mb)
  139. Protocol And Courtesy (29mb)
  140. Purpose Part 1 (27mb)
  141. Purpose Part 2 (35mb)
  142. Regret And Disobedience (15.9mb)
  143. Relating With  Other Parts Of The Body (28mb)
  144. Relating With The Anointing (20mb)
  145. Sacrifice And Kingdom Advancement (13.7mb)
  146. Secondary Pursuit (11mb)
  147. Seeking His Righteousness (25mb)
  148. Self Control (32mb)
  149. Serving The Biggest Boss (17mb)
  150. Sign And Wonders In The Supernatural (23mb)
  151. Signs Of The Anointing (19.5mb)
  152. Soiling Of The Heart (10mb)
  153. Soul Of Man (20mb)
  154. Soul Winning And Evangelism (30mb)
  155. Spiritual Coldness (11mb)
  156. Spiritual Fatherhood And Mentorship Part 1 (19.7mb)
  157. Spiritual Fatherhood And Mentorship Part 2 (31mb)
  158. Spiritual Lukewarmness Part 1 (20mb)
  159. Spiritual Lukewarmness Part 2 (20mb)
  160. Spiritual  Warfare Part 1 (19.5mb)
  161. Spiritual Warfare Part 2 (24mb)
  162. Spiritual Pathway To Greatness (59mb)
  163. Spreading By Finance (21mb)
  164. Spreading By Force (26mb)
  165. Spreading Through Daring Big Things (10.9mb)
  166. Spreading Through Relationship (26mb)
  167. Spreading Through The Supernatural (25mb)
  168. Sustaining The Anointing (21mb)
  169. The Angelic Ministry (28mb)
  170. The Blessing And Your Prosperity (27mb)
  171. The Force Of Consistency (26mb)
  172. The Great Commission (26mb)
  173. The Honour Of King Service (26mb)
  174. The Lifestyle Of Prayer (25mb)
  175. The Meek In Heart (17mb)
  176. The Ministry Of The Evangelist (19.3mb)
  177. The Pitfall Of Pride (29.7mb)
  178. The Power Of Hospitality (20.5mb)
  179. The Supernatural (30mb)
  180. The Virtue Of Humility (22mb)
  181. The Word Of God And Kingdom Advancement (25mb)
  182. The Whole Body Of Christ Matured Minds (37mb)
  183. Timely Obedience (14.9mb)
  184. Tools For Maintaining Spirituality (15mb)
  185. Trust And Obey (16mb)
  186. Understanding Dreams (34mb)
  187. Understanding Poverty part 2 (30mb)
  188. Understanding Poverty Part 1 (22mb)
  189. Understanding The Anointing (28mb)
  190. Understanding The Law Of Miracles (27mb)
  191. Understanding The Mind (22mb)
  192. Understanding Wealth And Riches Part 1 (21mb)
  193. Understanding Wealth And Riches Part 2 (25mb)
  194. Unity Of The Body Of Christ (35mb)
  195. Unveiling Mysteries (20mb)
  196. Uprightness And Right Standing With God (18mb)
  197. Vision (35mb)
  198. Visions And Seasons (28mb)
  199. Walk Of Faith Part 1 (22mb)
  200. Walk Of Faith Part 2 (25mb)
  201. Weapon Of Prayer (20mb)
  202. What I Have Is Enough (19mb)
  203. Who Is An Apostle (17mb)
  204. Wisdom And Finance (31mb)
  205. Wisdom For Spiritual Fatherhood And Mentorship (18mb)
  206. Wisdom In Relationship (28mb)
  207. Wisdom Of Saying Goodbye (13mb)
  208. Wisdom (31mb)
  209. Wise And Faithful Servant (16mb)
  210. Word Of Wisdom (20mb)
  211. Your Prophet And Your Financial Lifting (25mb)
  212. Zion Conference Day 1 Spiritual Wholeness (27.7mb)
  213. Zion Conference Day 3 Grand Finale (44mb)
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