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The Spotless Bride By Bro Gbile Akanni mp3

[Audio] The Spotless Bride - Bro Gbile Akanni 1

The Bride is a group of people that has been called out; called out from the world, called out from the power of darkness that they might have relationship with the Lord. God calls people to marriage by the sending forth of His servants. If God wants to include you in this glorious experience, he sends some of His servants to call you.

He will send someone to call you, and many times we just despise them, being engrossed in our pride, which is very wrong. No man born by a woman can naturally find his way to heaven. This not a matter of academics or social status,, it’s not even a matter of being a good reader of the Bible or being a or professor in Bible, if it were by that, it means that p… You can’t afford to miss this powerful teaching!

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