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Doers of the Word By Apostle Joshua Selman mp3

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There is such a realm where a man can become a god in the Earth.
Some believers say.. “Lord, why am I not receiving results in my life. But brother A has been receiving results. I’ve been born again for a long time. I come to church. I pray and fast. But then, I’m not seeing the manifestation of God’s word in my life. I’m not seeing evidences that show that I am truly working with the word and that the word is working in my life”.

“Be doers of the word, obey the message and not merely listeners to it, betraying yourself into deception by reasoning contrary to the truth”. The Bible begin to give us an insight into what may be the possible cause of the word not working even though we love God. The major reason why things are not working you is because you don’t und…You really need to listen to this powerful teaching!

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