[Download] Koinonia Abuja Miracle Service August, 2023

Download Koinonia Abuja MIRACLE SERVICE August, 2023 (MP3) with Apostle Joshua Selman

[Download] Koinonia Abuja Miracle Service August, 2023 4

Find below Koinonia Abuja Miracle Service for August 2023 with Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak on Sunday, 27th August, 2023. Here are some excerpts from the programme: The supernatural and the miraculous are the very foundation of the Christian faith. The Supernatural and miraculous are only brought about by and through manifestation of the power of God. It takes the power of God to birth and reveal the Supernatural. Jesus Christ gave us the power not only to validate His message, but also to reveal His glory. Without and outside the power of God, there is no possibility of manifesting the supernatural. The manifestation of God’s power in your life is intricately tied to your understanding of His Word. Therefore, activating it necessitates grasping His will, as revealed in Scripture. The boundaries of teh administration of His power are defined by His will. A Believer’s wisdom lies in comprehending and aligning with God’s will. It is important to know the promises of God contained in the Scriptures, in order to pray in alignment with His will, and not to pray amiss.

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[Download] Koinonia Abuja Miracle Service August, 2023 5

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