DOWNLOAD MP: HOW THAT BY REVELATION By Apostle Edu Udechukwu (Audio)

HOW THAT BY REVELATION By Apostle Edu Udechukwu

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Every thing that has to do with power, knowledge, anointing and other heavenly blessings are accessable to man through the power of Revelation. Your command and authority in the kingdom of God is the function of the quality of revelation of the truth that your heart can contain. Revelation in this context does not mean the dreams and vision you have but the exposure to the riches of God through the understanding of His dimensions. It is untill you know and understand the principles that attract and releases an unction in the spirit realm that you can master it and bless others. The scriptures and other spiritual literatures that bless our lives today are products of revelation. Most of the authors said what they have known and explained it better because they have encountered it. You can not replicate the reality of a truth that you do not know in the life of other people. Revelations of truth and principle about the kingdom of God and the life of the sons of men come through consistence fellowship with God. This is so because revelation are in parts, precept upon precept until we grow into the statute of Christ. Solutions are provide by revelation, knowledge of libration are gotten by revelation. But not just in a day fellowship with God. This is a powerful teaching that will guide you onto the part of relevance through the revelations produced by the fellowship with God.

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